8 Dos To Consider when Naming your Startup

After years of working on management levels, you might have reached the stage when you have decided to startup your own company. Once you find yourself ready to establish a setup, choosing a suitable name to represent your firm is the first thing that comes into your mind and you’re free to choose any name as long as it is unique and inoffensive.

Don’t decide any name to represent your business, unless you are not sure about its relevancy with your product or services. While naming, keep trade-identity in your mind along with expert advice to come up with a suitable name. Below i’m sharing a few do’s you must consider when composing a suitable name to represent your startup firm:

1. Select something notable

Think in long term to avoid changing the name after a few years. It can be tricky to decide the best word to describe you as enterprise in the industry. Expand your vision while selecting a name, because transformations are always possible. It should not be the one which becomes irrelevant after slight changes in services.

2. Initial emphasis should be on product

Generally it is very difficult for a small startup to spend too much time on making a suitable name. Despite being an important issue, you should not waste too much time solely on selecting a name. Rather, you should focus on producing quality products.

3. Never choose a generic name

Don’t make a mistake to select a generic name even if your organisation is small. Always try to be unique as much as you can. Pick a meaningful word and ask people to spell it out. Observe carefully how easily they would spell it without making mistakes.

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4. Totally avoid humour

Stay away from making cheeky, funny words while making a company name. Although, you might’ve seen a number of stores and brand outlets with a witty name, don’t follow them. As funny words don’t always sound good. They might seem attractive initially but with time they loose tempt. Simplicity, consciousness and appeal are the basic components of a successful brand name.

 5. It should describe what you do?

Do some research to find the most relevant word that describes a bit about the products or services you’re going to offer to the market. This makes your customers unquestionable about what you do. Avoid unnecessary complication and design it in a way to simply express the services or products within two or three words.

6. A strong name with .com domain
When searching an impressive brand identifier, work thoroughly to find the best. Research domain to find the names for your business. Pick a name with .com domain, which is capable of representing your brand efficiently and sensibly.

7. Is it easy to remember?
To check the fluency and retentiveness of your idea, randomly tell the name in your mind to ten people and ask them after a week to see whether they remember it or it has been fading away from their minds.

Count how many of them exactly remember that word. If less than seven people are able to memorise it, then reconsider the words and look for better alternatives, which might be easy to remember.

8. Analyse Search Competition 

Once you’re done with researching and formulating a suitable title for your business, the next important step is to estimate the search volume of that brand name on search engines like Google and Yahoo. This will help you to identify number of people who are interested for a particular product or services. Moreover, this will help you to make your name more unique.