Top 10 Profitable Business ideas in Dubai, UAE


Dubai, which is one among the seven emirates of UAE is known for its high rise buildings all around the world. Burj Khalifa which is world’s tallest building is erected on the soil of Dubai. 

Nobody in past would have ever anticipated, except God, that a sandy location like Dubai would one day go on to become the most popular city in the world. Neither anyone would have thought that Dubai will emerge as a destination for tourist attraction. 

Anyway, we aren’t here to tell the tales about how Dubai became so rich that nowadays it attracts global investors but to present a list of top 10 small business ideas that not only demand low startup costs but also are poised for success in today’s Dubai:

1. Real estate business 

Dubai presently has a leading real estate industry, engaged in the development of its housing, industrial and logistical areas. If you truly have skills and a passion for real estate, there isn’t even a dot of obstacle that can stop you from squeezing money from the real estate sector of Dubai. However, keep in mind that most opportunities in the real estate industry are capital intensive but highly lucrative as well. 

2. Ad agency business

Given the presence of thousands of already established brands(whether small or big) and increase in newly registered companies, opening an ad agency to plan, produce and deliver creative advertising solutions is bound to flourish in Dubai. 

3. Job agency business

Industries can’t work without manpower and we know that as long as businesses keep on running in Dubai, there will always be a strong need for both skillful and unskillful human resource. Assuming that you are an HR professional, the requirement of manpower in the companies of Dubai provides you a compelling small business opportunity in the form of a job agency business. 

4. Travel agency

Dubai has become one of the top tourist destinations on the planet, attracting tourists in millions from different parts of the world. Many travelers need people who can plan off their trips, provide consultation services and tour packages. Hence, you may be a person who has it all to offer tour and travel services while opening a travel agency in Dubai.

5. Speciality School

Dubai has also turned into a place which is full of expats of different nationalities. 


5. Specialty Schooling Business

Full of expats from different nationalities is a highly unexploited area in Dubai. Providing education facilities to these large number of expats is undoubtedly an innovative and profitable business opportunity in Dubai aspiring entrepreneurs should focus on.

6. Offering Childcare Services

Since it is very hard for working class professionals in Dubai to get the time for their children, offering childcare services to these people is definitely a wonderful business opportunity for many entrepreneurs who would like to tap into this business. One more fact that provides backup for starting a childcare business in Dubai is that more than 70% in its population belongs to working class people.

Besides these facts, in recent times, it has been seen that more and more parents are turning to childcare facilities to take care of their children. So what are thinking now about this opportunity? If it matches with your interests, then just give it a practical shot in Dubai.

7. Nightclub Business in Dubai

Dubai is filled with the busy people. You can start and run your own nightclub business in Dubai in order to help this segment to get rid of daily job stress.

8. Provide Cleaning Services 

When it is really hard for the most working-class population to cook food by their own hands, nobody would expect their involvement with cleaning their houses, carpets etc and because of it this is an incredible need that may be waiting for you to fulfill it in Dubai

9. Dry Cleaning Business

This is another area where you can put your focus on as for most working professionals in Dubai, just like cooking, cleaning and children care tasks are tough for them, similarly, they find it hard to dry clean their clothes.

10. Open a Hair Salon

One of the best things about a hair salon business is that it can be started with a low investment, unlike a beauty parlor or spa that are much intensive in capital investments. Hair salons are in high demand and hence opening your own salon in an ideal location can prove highly profitable in Dubai.


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