Top 30 Business ideas in Qatar with Low Investment

While Qatar may be the smallest country in the world by area, it is one of the wealthiest nations on earth. Its economy experienced transformation following the discovery of oil reserves in 1940.

The state of Qatar since then registered a record-breaking success in petroleum, energy, tourism, infrastructure, and even healthcare sectors.

It is interesting to find Qatar as of those of few countries in the world that impose no income tax and the lowest company tax rates, hence making it one of the popular destinations for employment as well as business conduct.

Here are top 30 small business ideas that have great potential to thrive and prosper in the QatarĀ peninsula:

1. Real estate business

Qatar is experiencing explosive growth in the local population, immigration, businesses, and per capita income. Hence creating an ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurs who want to start a business related to real estate since more houses and office spaces are required in the country.

2. Car rental business

Having lived and worked in the country for almost one and a half year, what I have figured out is that so many tourist places are very difficult to reach via the public modes of transport.

Most foreign and domestic tourists on account of this difficulty prefer renting a car over public transport. You might, hence, want to start a car rental business also in Qatar to help international and local visitors explore various visiting places conveniently.

3. Information technology business

From transportation to healthcare to environment to logistics to e-commerce sectors, Qatar is continuously harnessing the power of information technology.

Therefore, has created a supportive environment for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting an information technology-related business in the country.

4. Construction related business

Qatar direly needs to erect more buildings and other infrastructures due to increasing population and expat demographic rates. Qatar still imports most of its building materials from other countries.

What that simply means is that there is a high demand for construction-related businesses, especially for enterprises that sell construction materials.

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5. Open a massage spa

More the pressure of high workloads, more the accumulation of stress and thereby more the need for getting rid of it in time to stay fresh for the next day and we know for a fact that Qatar is country where working-class men and women can’t escape from stress.

Hence, making a massage spa business a good investment opportunity in most busy cities including Doha of Qatar.

6. Open a restaurant

Most people among both expats and nationals regularly eat out in restaurants since they are hardly allowed by the Qatarian working life to squeeze time for cooking food on their own.

Hence, a restaurant is another lucrative but capital-intensive business you can start in Qatar.

7. Open a carwash business

In Qatar, nearly everyone has at least one car but not everyone has the time, chiefly due to their busy lives, for performing a self-car wash.

Though providing a car wash service at a static location isn’t a bad option but on-demand service has revamped the car wash industry in Qatar in recent times.

8. Interior design services

The future of professionals with interior design skills has become brighter than ever in Qatar since, as pointed out earlier, the country is witnessing a constant increase in the number of residential and commercial establishments.

I guess you might have such skills. If so, then think no further to starting an interior design business in Qatar.

9. Automotive related business 

In Qatar where everyone has a vehicle, it is unsurprising to learn that there is a great potential for automotive niches from auto repair services to spare parts selling to even a tire shop business.

10. International recruitment firm 

People from every corner of the world on a constant basis seek job opportunities in Qatar. Many get jobs as a result of relatives or friends who are already settled in Qatar.

However, most have to face failure due to the lack of someone who can connect them with organizations, therefore raising the demand for recruitment firms that can internationally recruit and supply the best talent to companies that operate the business in the country.

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Food Delivery Service

Become someone who will cater food delivery service to all those individuals who remain busy with their work while picking up meals from your local restaurants and serving your customers.

Event Planning

Event planning services make sure to help individuals as well as businesses with events organisation and celebrations for a lot of money.

Mobile Car Wash

Become like Mohammad Asif who offers convenient car cleaning services at the location of your potential clients.

Freelance Writing

Websites and businesses look for service providers who are content creators and if you have good writing skills with a deep understanding of a subject can become a freelancer writer and serve websites and businesses with great content.

Pet Sitting

Someone who loves pets can earn while making sure to show care for pets owned by all those owners who most of their time stay away from their pets.

Fitness Coaching

Anyone who is experienced in fitness training can look for the business with focus on conducting personalized fitness training sessions.

Online Tutoring

Online teaching is popular for the reason that people are adapting to the technological advancements more than ever and this is where you can come to help students in various subject while tutoring them through virtual platforms.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketers may like the idea of opening a digital marketing agency to offer SEO, and SEM services to make sure they earn while helping businesses enhance their digital presence.

Customized Gift Baskets

You can also start a business that will focus on create personalized gift baskets to cater various special events and occasions. You can sell birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc.

Language Translation

People living in Qatar speak Arabic and they will need people who will offer them translation services when it comes to communicating with expats who come for doing jobs in the country. You must be very proficient in speaking a few foreign languages.

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Graphic Design

If you are a graphic designer, you are great power to create an array of various visually appealing graphic designs for your clients and make money for yourself and your family.

Dropshipping Business

This business will work for high profits in Qatar and you will be involved in an activity wherein your will be selling products to your clients without even holding inventory.

Personal Chef

If you are a person who is well known for her cooking skills, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of preparing and serving your customers with customised meals and dishes.

Photography Services

There are people who will always opt for photography services so that you help them while making sure to capture very special moments at various events and occasions.

E-commerce Store

Qatar has gone online with millions of expats and natives placing orders on popular ecommerce platforms functional in the country. You can find a niche and build an online store around it to sell various in demand products for profits.

Local Tour Guide

Tourists who travel to the Qatar will need tour guide who will provide them with personalized tourism in order to explore beauty and scenic destinations in the country.

Resume Writing Service

Not all who look for jobs in Qatar have the ability to create their own resumes suitable for various jobs. If you have knowledge and experience in writing resume you can serve individuals with impressive resumes.

Car Rental Service

Somone who owns a fleet of vehicles can earn a lot while renting out his vehicles for a short term use to all those tourists who travel to Qatar for scenery and beautiful destinations.

Online Courses

Online courses have become something all students like as compared to the classes attended physically. You could create a sell various educational courses on different subjects.