8 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Real Estate Blog


So, you’ve built a blog to generate content for your real estate website. As you already know, blogging is a great way to spark interest and build an audience of prospective clients. It also gives you frequent opportunities to showcase your market expertise and local knowledge as well as the gorgeous properties in your listings portfolio.

But before your blog can help you, you need to build an audience! And in this post, we’ll give you some straightforward tips on driving traffic to your real estate blog, so all your careful work can help your company shine!

Promote Your Article Across Multiple Platforms

If you’ve taken the step of creating a blog, then you’re already aware of the potential of digital media – and you’re probably already promoting content on standard social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is a great start, but you can multiply the impact of social media by posting your high-quality content across a much wider variety of platforms. Examples include Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, and microblogging site Tumblr. Cross-posting won’t take long – just include a link, image, and short caption.

Customize Your Preview Posts

The best preview posts are short and sweet, but they should also be customized for each platform. Tumblr, for example, has a much younger user base and a much more entertainment and media focus than LinkedIn. You can feel free to incorporate humor and light-hearted imagery and pop-culture images into your Tumblr teasers – for a popular example, look at the surprising crossover appeal earned by McMansion Hell’s snarky virtual tours. To develop a sense of the ways each platform functions, go browsing through posts and pages on related topics. This will also help you bulk out your follow list – a must for successful social media interaction.

Image Credit: Tumblr.com

Diversify Your Visual Content

Remember that text alone is almost never as appealing as any form of graphic content – but you can get much more mileage out of graphic content if you think outside the box and make multiple forms of graphic content a regular feature in your post. Some examples include moving galleries, infographics, text graphics, embedded video, gifs, and cartoons. Your emphasis should be on vivid, simple, eye-catching images – remember that you want to grab attention from casual readers scrolling past on mobile screens.

Find Some Friends

Remember, the power of social media is the ability of users to build on massive social networks – and you can exponentially expand your reach by linking to the networks of other, more prominent users in related industries. If you follow their pages and promote their content, their readers will begin to take notice – and you may even receive some reciprocal attention since these other content producers will be just as invested in building and sustaining their own readership.

Invite Guest Contributors

One great way to build connections with other websites – diverting their traffic in the process – is to invite them to write guest posts for your blog. This will boost your update frequency, which is always a good idea, and it’ll garner attention from any number of additional content producers. You can also use these guest contributors to showcase your professional network – for example, by soliciting posts from professionals in related fields like mortgage lending, appraisals, or interior design.

Write Guest Posts

Of course, you can reap many of the same benefits by creating guest posts of your own on sites frequented by your target audience. You’ll be able to impress commenters on other blogs and build conversations with other social media producers and colleagues in your field. For best results, look for websites similarly situated to yours as well as contributor opportunities for larger sites like LinkedIn or Inc.com. Remember to check the format and popular topics on target sites to ensure that your content will fit in.

Use Popular Formats

Listicles are ubiquitous on the internet these days, and for good reason – they get clicks! Consider using this simple yet effective template to build viral posts of your own. Other click-friendly formats include Q&A sets and advice columns, interviews, video promos, infographics, and slideshows. These can also be handy post-builders, helping you to organize your thoughts into a cohesive update – a huge help when you need frequent updates to build an audience.  

Cross-Promote to Your Email Marketing List

Remember, you’ve already got a ready-made readership – people who’ve signed up to receive updates from you every week right in their email inboxes. This mailing list is a pre-selected readership for your blog, and your blog is ready-made content for email blasts – just summarize blog posts into a quick message preview and include a link and image snapshot to lead them to your blog. For best results, include a short invitation with a “Call to Action,” motivating readers on your email list to click through and become loyal readers on your blog.