How to Sell on Myntra & Jabong

If you own a fashion store and want to bring in some extra money, consider selling your products on Myntra. 

“Never lose an opportunity when it knocks on your door because you get to learn something new.”

Myntra, a Bengaluru-based online fashion retailer is one of the early revolutionary online companies in our Indian eCommerce industry. The company, acquired by Flipkart, has thousands of online shoppers across whole India who everyday buy from its vast collection of clothing products.

Myntra’s parent company Flipkart, back in 2016, bought another online clothing retailer Jabong for about $70 million. The two online retail companies earlier considered competitors, have been merged together. People who look for how to sell on Jabong will land on the Myntra’ seller portal for registration as Jabong is now Myntra. 

Advantages of selling online 

There is probably no business owner who can afford to miss an opportunity of selling online when provided for free. Myntra is one of those few online marketplaces in India wherein business owners exclusively dealing in fashion are allowed to meet new customers for no cost. 

Selling online enables your business to get free advertisement. Your products will also attain 24/7 customer exposure even when you enjoy a night of deep sleep. Nonetheless, here is your quick and comprehensive 3 steps-guide to becoming a registered vendor on Jabong, and Myntra.  

Seller registration

Firstly, type ” sell on Jabong or sell on Myntra ” keywords in your browser’s search box, and hit the search button. We recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer over a smartphone. You will see a URL titled ” Partner at Myntra-Jabong” on your computer screen. 

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sell on jabong

Click ” Partner at Myntra-Jabong” and you will be landing on the seller registration page. See the image below. 

seller registeration

Click the ” Register Now” button, and you will be automatically routed to another page where you will have to enter contact and business-related information. Be careful while you provide your details. See the picture below. 

provide details

Provide your business email, and verify its confirmation while logging in to your mail account. Follow it by entering your contact information, business information, catalog information, and finally hit the submit button. You are done and wait for your confirmation. 

Products to sell

Your business must be dealing in fashion, and clothing such as shoes, jeans, t-shirts, women’s clothing, bags, etc. FYI, Myntra doesn’t allow the sale of anything other than clothing, and at the same time, your products should be 100 genuine. 

How Myntra pays sellers?

All registered sellers generally are paid out on each 10th working day of the subsequent month provided they are able to make sales. Contact us via mail or call for further assistance. Thanks!!!