Over the last twenty years or so, information technology has emerged as one of the crucial and transformative sectors in the socio-economic development for most, if not all, countries in the world.

Realizing the significance of information technology, companies use it to ensure their departments connect and operate as smoothly as possible. In contrast, government bodies use it to make all government services accessible to citizens.

Our researched article about the top 20 information technology business and job ideas for helping you start information technology-related businesses.

1. E-commerce solutions

There is a growing need for e-commerce solutions as a result of the increasing preference for online shopping. That means adding a web interface ( website ) isn’t any more optional, preferably a must for brick and mortar firms. Not just brick and mortar companies, even startups that keep on emerging daily require such services.

That being said, there is no better day other than today for launching a business that offers e-commerce solutions including SEO, enterprise resource planning software, shopping carts, order processing software, etc., to both startups and already established businesses.

2. Provide e-learning services

Electronic learning has won a defined place in most nations’ missions, and our country India isn’t either lagging. How e-learning helps is that it facilitates education-related services to schools, colleges, universities, etc., through electronic media.

One trained in the domain of electronic learning shouldn’t wait any more towards starting a business that provides e-learning services to such key target markets.

3. IT hardware services

With the use of IT becoming indispensable across all business domains and the growing complexity of computer networks, starting a hardware support services business to troubleshoot hardware failures, computer setup assistance, etc. to local banks, government bodies, and even to small companies has turned out a cashing cow opportunity in the information technology industry.

4. Web portal services

As internet and e-commerce industries are rising, a significant market slice in hotels, offline retail stores, tourist transport, etc., exists for internet portals dealing with shopping, travel and tourism, jobs, etc.

Furthermore, due to minimal seed capital and input cost requirements, this business can prove highly rewarding for those who are best at offering web portal services.

5. Graphic designing

With the emergence of hi-speed internet and the availability of great software platforms, anyone with the art of conjuring logos, brochures, packaging, etc., can also think about starting a graphic designing business. Throughout the whole world, there is a mature market for graphic designing services.

6. Internet cafe

Many think the internet cafe is a dead trade due to cheap internet packs and smartphones. That isn’t entirely true. Wherever you launch an internet cafe business, it probably can extensively work there provided you offer a good user experience.

7. Blogging

Blogging is one of the cheap yet mostly unexplored opportunities in the information technology field. It allows individuals, particularly those with strong knowledge, to make income from third-party advertisers like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, etc., while running a blog that consistently publishes articles related to information technology.

8. Computer training

If you happen to be knowledgeable about computer hardware and software programs, then help other individuals grow their careers in the tech field by starting a computer training institute that offers job oriented computer courses and classes.

9. Computer maintenance

Not every person who has a computer knows how to troubleshoot computer-related failures. Starting a computer maintenance business is an opportunity to generate part or full-time income while offering services to install software, repair faulty components, and troubleshoot various computer-related problems.

10. Cybercafe Assistant

If you have good knowledge of computer troubleshooting and software installation, then you have relatively great chances to be hired as an assistant by local cybercafe centers.

11. Cell Phone Technician

Become a mobile phone technician to diagnose and perform repairs on smartphones, tablets and even mobile accessories.

12. Computer Programmer 

Become a computer programmer or a software developer to design, install, diagnose and maintain software systems.

13. IT Training

Use multimedia classrooms to offer IT training courses to local businesses, schools(especially secondary ones), colleges and universities.

14. Sell Electronic Books

Publish and sell e-books to savvy book readers on Amazon and other virtual marketplaces that dominate the trade.

15. Antivirus Developer

Develop antivirus software to help people prevent, detect and remove malicious software from their computer or smartphone devices.

16. Desktop Publisher 

Become a desktop publisher and use your artwork, text, and images to create high-quality page layouts for books, brochures, newspapers, etc

17. Server Technician 

If you have got a degree in computer science, become a service technician to install, maintain and troubleshoot server systems.

18. Sell IT equipment 

Start offering and servicing of servers, computers, fax machines, and routers like IT gadgets and machines.

19. Data bundle seller

Enter into a deal with telecommunication companies to turn yourself into a data bundle and call card seller.

20. Data entry 

Data entry that involves feeding paper information into computer systems could be a perfect bet if you have exceptional keyboarding skills.

22. Tech Expos organizer 

Organize exhibitions to help info tech companies promote their goods and services as a tech expos organizer.

James Scott

Brought to you by James Scott who is a professional marketer and an enthusiastic blogger. He teaches digital marketing and blogging courses.