The paucity of funds is a primary concern holding back many entrepreneurs from starting a business in the manufacturing industry. That is, we thought of helping them convert their cravenness into reality while launching these 80 small scale manufacturing business ideas that cost little investment.

1. Incense stick maker

Incense sticks, widely known as aggarbattis in India have a vast market in the Asian Pacific region. Prayers without these devotional incense sticks are considered incomplete in India. In keeping their defined space in religious rituals, local aspiring entrepreneurs can consider starting an agarbatti making business in India.

2. Home bakery production

No one of us can imagine a person in today’s fast-paced world who doesn’t like to eat bakery. With this in mind, someone with excellent baking skills should consider starting a home-based bakery business today.

3. Banana wafer making

The banana wafer has emerged as one of the potential snack foods over the years. With just a small investment, a banana wafer business could prove profitable, especially in countries like India, Sri Lanka, etc. It is cost-effective and easy to procure bananas from local growers.

4. Biscuit Production

Not only do biscuits hold a defined space during tea times, but they have also even used snacks during different times in a day.  Therefore, someone with good baking skills can tap into a biscuit production business.

5. Bread Production

In recent years, Bread has gained notable preference over unpacked food packets; after all, it comes cheap and provides much convenience. You can start it on a small scale, and it doesn’t require any significant license at all.

6. Make Candles 

You would hardly imagine any community in the world that doesn’t practice candle lighting. Candles are an essential part of prayers, festivals, birthday celebrations, weddings, and many more events that occur in our lives. With a vast market, you can start a candle making business at a small scale in your locality.

7. Make Candies 

If you are a person who loves backing and who mostly prefers to stay at home, then starting a candy-making business is the most qualified home-based business for you.

8. Make Chalks 

Despite living in an e-learning age and time, chalks are still heavily used in many schools and even by tailors. Therefore, you might consider starting your chalk making business also.

9. Make Cotton Swabs 

Cotton swabs are used for many purposes, such as ear cleaning, makeup removing, etc. You can operate this business at your home. However, adequate investment is needed to buy a machine.

10. Make Crafts 

If you are a person who lives with a creative mind, then starting crafts making business is the best way to express your talent to others and at the same time make money out of the efforts you will put in. You require simple tools to get started. However, you must acquire skills.

11. Detergent powder production 

People of today’s age mostly prefer detergents over soaps; after all, detergents prove much useful in washing their clothes. Therefore, starting a detergent powder production business is another best small manufacturing business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs these days.

12. Exercise Notebook Making

Everyone agrees that an exercise notebook is a crucial tool that supports a student’s learning desire. If your local zone is filled with many schools and colleges, it is undoubtedly preferable to start an exercise notebook manufacturing business.

13. Food Color Making 

The increasing preference towards using natural colors over synthetic ones has experienced moderate growth over the years, not only in India but also in other parts of the world. With this in mind, aspiring entrepreneurs can start a natural food color making business, and it a simple business you can launch from your home.

14. Paper Cup Making

Like most governments, though we don’t claim all, have banned non-biodegradable plastic, the demand for paper cups has surged up over the years. After all, paper is the best material in our hands that is somehow environmentally friendly than plastic. Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs with an eco-mindset might consider starting a paper cup making business in their areas.

15. Paper Plate Making

In addition to paper cups, aspiring entrepreneurs might also give thoughts to paper plate making business in their locations.

18. Paper Bag Making

Paper-based objects are not only biodegradable but also are too easy to carry over plastic ones. That is why the paper has found high utilization in making bags in recent years.

19. Plastic Syringe Making 

As long as injecting fluids in the tissue of a patient is imperative in doctors’ eyes, syringes will continue to be used by them. Hence, starting a plastic syringe business is another viable small manufacturing business opportunity for aspiring people.

20. Ginger Oil Production

With wide use in the medical field and food items such as bakery, confectionery beverages, etc., aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those living in India, can start a ginger oil-making business there.

21. Guar Gum Making 

With guar gum experiencing high utilization in foods, beverages and even in medicine, opening a guar gum making business is another highly recommended small manufacturing business for aspiring entrepreneurs.

22. Herbal Hair Oil

Due to the strong ability to alleviate headaches and reduce discomfort, herbal hair oils have attained much popularity these days. Especially, if you are located in India, the ample local availability of herbs proves much advantageous in starting a herbal hair oil making business.

23. Ice Cream Making

Everyone(from kids to old people) love to eat ice cream, especially during hot summers as no one wants to get busted up by the cruel sun in that season. With a moderate investment in hand, you can start and run a successful ice cream business, even if you launch it from your home.

25. Jam Jelly Making

Today, jams and jellies have become an indispensable parts of most people’s breakfast tables. That is why, starting a jam and jellies making business is worth for consideration in these days. Moreover the operational procedure of jams and jellies doesn’t demand you to pay for a large space as you can even manage it in your kitchen.

26. Jewelry Making 

Even if prices touch unimaginable figures, no women would ever think of avoiding jewelry. With this in mind, entrepreneurs can also give thoughts to starting a jewelry making business. However, it is important to note that you’ll have to get acquainted with required skills and techniques in order to succeed.

27. Jeans Manufacturing 

Wearing jeans is everyone’s(men, women and kid) choice today, even of elders. Therefore, you may also consider starting a jeans manufacturing business. However, you should note that this type of business requires sufficient investment.

28. Jute Bag Making 

Due the ample availability of locally produced jute fiber material,  setting up a jute bag making business is a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs in India.

29. Hollow Cement Blocks

Hollow cement blocks have emerged better alternatives to traditional bricks, after all these blocks are cheaper, lighter and even due to their hollow nature they serve as thermal insulators. You could reap great profits if you have access to raw materials such as stone dust, chips, cement and some investment to buy hollow cement blocks making machine.

30. Cement Tiles Making 

If nature has blessed your local place with raw materials like stone dust and stone chips, then consider going for a cement tiles making business. Not only it requires cheap input costs, the manufacturing procedure is simple as well.

31. Ceramic Tiles Making

Even though ceramic tiles are costlier than cement tiles, yet there are so many people(particularly middle and high class society) who prefer them.

32. Cricket Bat Production

Particularity in cricket playing countries like Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England etc and even in other countries, opening a cricket bat production business offers great benefits to aspiring entrepreneurs. However, in addition to some decent investment, skilled craftsmen are paramount.

33. Toys Manufacturing 

No one would ever doubt in the fact that almost every child loves to play with toys. They will be needed as long as kids would love to have them around. Hence, you may also consider a toys manufacturing business.

34. Wig Making Business

Make wigs to help many women out there protect their natural hair. You could either sell them directly to consumers or local hair salons.

35. Weaves Making Business

Or, if you desire to, you could make weaves to enhance the natural beauty as well as uniqueness of many women out there.

36. Make Hair Bands 

Hairband isn’t just a thing of fashion. It even finds high usage in sports activities. Hence, you may make hair bows of different shapes and styles for women, men as well  as for athletes.

37.  Hair Bows Making 

Additionally, you could think about making hair bows to aid women of all ages adorn their natural hair.

38. Carpet Making

Delve into a carpet-making business to help households give their rooms a nice dose of print and texture.

39. Diaper Production

You might also embrace a diaper production business to allow babies defecate without the use of a toilet.

40. Pillows Making 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may also consider making pillows to assist people enjoy hassle-free sleep.

41. Ink Cartridge Manufacturer

Become a manufacturer of ink cartridges for printers to help people get documents and photos cleanly printed.

42. Cement Production

Get into the cement production business and target the cement bags to local construction works at a fair price.

43. Nails Manufacturer

Manufacture pin shaped nails to assist carpenters make a variety of wood structures and people to hang something on their walls.

44. Bolts & Nuts Manufacturer 

You could also think about becoming a bolts and nuts manufacturer to assist people join pieces together and create a variety of metal structures.

45. Watch Making Business

You may also give thoughts to becoming a watchmaker to manufacture a wide selection of wristwatches, clocks etc

46. Eyeglass Manufacturing

Manufacture eyeglasses to improve the vision of people suffering from myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism like eye problems.

47. Air Freshener Maker

With few basic equipment and supplies, you may decide to specialise in making air fresheners  in different forms and flavors.

48. Box Maker 

Make boxes by utilising cardboard and other materials and sell them as packaging material to other businesses.

49. Picture Frame Making

Help people around to decorate and protect their pictures by making and selling picture frames to them.

50. Hand Tools Maker 

Establish a small hand tools making business to make axes, hammers and various other hand tools and sell them in your locality.

51. Leather Belts Maker

If you want to, you might also consider becoming a leather belts maker to assist people wrap up their clothes.

52. Leather Shoes Maker

Make leather shoes to aid people protect and give comfort to their foot while they participate in various activities.

53. Aluminum Cans Maker

You could also concentrate on manufacturing aluminium cans and sell them to beverage production companies.

54. Vinegar Production

Step into a vinegar production business and sell the produce(vinegar) to your local households that surround you.

55. Pickle Maker

Use fermentation process to make a variety of pickles and sell them directly to households and even to food retail stores.

56. T-shirt Manufacturer

Use inexpensive fabrics to make t-shirts and sell the products to the local clothing stores or directly to customers in your locality.

57. Surgical Attire Making

Help surgeons reflect their profession and avoid transfer of infections by manufacturing surgical attire for them.

58. Surgical Mask Making 

Additionally you may integrate surgical mask manufacturing process to your business line and hence add up more profits.

59. Bandage Strips Making 

Manufacture and push the use of bandage strips to assist people avoid excessive loss of blood that results from cuts, wounds etc

60. Surgical Gloves Making 

Make surgical gloves to aid surgeons protect themselves and their patients to shield the transfer of harmful microorganisms.

61. Maize Miller

If you put up at a place where maize is grown in abundance, you may set up a maize mill to grind corn into flour.

62. Rice Mill

If your region is popular for rice production, you might open and operate a rice mill to remove the hard and brittle husk that covers the rice grain.

63. Pulse Miller

Open a pulse mill to remove the hulls from dry beans and a variety of other seeds such as lentils, peas etc

64. Chili Miller

Grind and turn solid dry chili into powder by setting up a chili mill.

65. Furniture Maker

Specialize in making chairs, tools, beds, tables etc to support seating, eating and sleeping activities of humans.

66. Hedge Cutter Maker

Step into the making of hedge trimmers or cutters to allow garden owners cut off hedges, bushes, and shrubs.

67. Hair Clipper Maker

Support barbers in the task of hair cut by tapping into the manufacturing of hair clippers or trimmers.

68. Scissor Maker

Pivot together the two blades to manufacture scissors of different sizes for different purposes such as haircut, surgery, cutting clothes etc

69. Razor Maker

Jump into the production of sharp-edged razors to shave off the hair from face and legs.

70. Pencil Maker

Make pencils to allow kids, students, carpenters etc to write on worksheets, draw figures and mark down wood by encasing wood around the thin rod of graphite.

71. Plastic bottles maker

Support the storing activity of water and juice plants by processing plastic materials to make plastic bottles.

72. Wooden USB drive

Unleash your creative mind on attaching a piece of wood to USB drives in order to send out eco-friendly messages.

73. Cabinetmaking

Manufacture cabinets of various types or on client’s specifications suitable for storing kitchen utensils, offices paper files etc

74. Candleholder

Support candle holding by utilizing wood to craft out wooden based candle holders.

75. Cutting board

Make cutting boards of different sizes people will use for material cutting from vegetables to leather to plastic.

76. Jewelry box

With some simple tools, you can make wooden boxes that will be used by people to keep their jewelry in.

77. Planter boxes

You probably might also be interested in manufacturing planter boxes that will support containing of live plants

78. Wooden photo frame

Wooden-based frames that make it pretty easier to display pictures can also be made with few simple hand tools.

79. Puzzle box making

Make puzzle boxes that get opened when the puzzle is solved are very much helpful in boosting learning.

80. Bookcase making

Or you may take a serious interest in making bookcases or bookshelves to help people store their book stuff.

Rais Dar

RAIS DAR is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and a Small Business Consultant who loves to write about Entrepreneurship, and Career Guidance.