9 Strategies to Make Your Personal Brand a Winner

Personal branding is crucial to the success of all entrepreneurs. More often than not, a business’s first connections are made by its founder. And over time, as the enterprise continues to grow, you can expect that your audience’s expectations will remain rooted in how you presented your personal brand and the values it stands for.

A solid personal brand can help you:

  •  Increase credibility
  •  Set yourself apart from other industry players
  •  Attract the right business partners, employees, financiers, and other supporters that can help the advancement of the business
  • Achieve a bigger platform for growth initiatives

Apart from these, personal branding can contribute to your professional as well as personal success.

Developing a personal brand should be a thoughtful process. It should include winning strategies that will not only ensure success but also make success attainable much faster. Listed below are nine strategies that have worked for all successful business folks.

1. Share your unique backstory.

Consumers are always looking for something relatable. Using your story is the perfect opportunity to get your personality across. This, in turn, will help establish your uniqueness as well as highlight the similarities you might share with your target audience.

By highlighting these, you can spark inspiration and other positive emotions in your target audience. This can work to the great advantage of your personal brand.

2. Emphasise your values.

Everybody adheres to a set of values. And if you’re able to align your values with those of your intended demographic’s, it will become easier for your brand to gain their approval and support.

3. Get coached.

Hire a business coach. Your coach’s knowledge and experience in creating brands with the right elements can be leveraged to help establish your business and yourself as industry experts and leaders in innovation.

A business coach can also provide an outside perspective which is crucial in identifying your actual needs as an entrepreneur and in guiding you toward the best solutions to ensure the progress of your work.

4. Stay connected with your audience

Use a variety of methods to keep in touch with both customers and potential customers consistently. Such methods include direct mail, event postcards, newsletters, e-newsletters, commercial ads, and a billboard (if you have the budget for it).

Doing these will protect your connections and keep them updated on the achievements and milestones in your business, and these say so much about your brand values. Plus, these help project an image that you are organised and reliable.

Get social as well. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms allow you to get a reaction quickly from your audience. Don’t just post, however; interact with your followers.

5. Make and upload videos on YouTube .

Videos are highly consumable content for brand building. They provide the opportunity to get creative in demonstrating your values and what your products and services are all about.

More importantly, if you wish to provide more value to your customers for free, you can just post demos or tutorials on YouTube so they can get more use out of the offerings.

6. Create a beautiful and helpful website.

This will make your “name” more visible in the digital realm and it’s the perfect touch-point for members of your market that spend most of their time online. Hire a talented web designer/developer who will make the website SEO-friendly.

7. Prove your expertise.

One of the best entrepreneur tips to follow is to transfer your skills. Your knowledge, experience, and skills can be used to help others and fortify the trustworthiness of your personal brand.

Every now and then, organise seminars in schools and other institutions, and perhaps, even volunteer to teach your community business principles that have worked for you.

8. Align yourself with the right “people.”

Link with respectable businesses and personalities in your industry. The positive association can be leveraged to your advantage.

9. Be involved.

Once your customers complete their purchase, personally inquire about their experience and how you can further improve your service. Being involved this way is a clear demonstration of your commitment to the satisfaction of your customers and it will work to your personal brand’s benefit.

Your personal brand as an entrepreneur is a strong influence in all your business activities, so make sure you give much attention and thought to build and preserving it.

Susan Ranford

About Author:

My name is Susan Ranford. I am an expert on job market trends, hiring, and business management. I often write about issues related to employment and business.