The life of farmers is no easy. They are always at the recieving end since their hard work is exposed to bad weather and market situations. That is why farmers always struggle in making money.

Farmers are the backbone of any economy since they are the people who offering others food to eat, clothing to wear, and shelter for cover. They almost serve anything people require to live a good life.

Starting a business related to agriculture and farming not only requires low capital but are also subjected to very low overheads.

Here are the 60 money-making agriculture business ideas farmers can consider while using their available resources.

1. Apple Orchard

Apple’s demand for medicines and juices is growing worldwide. Therefore, starting an apple orchard is indeed a great agriculture-related business if you are located at a place that offers good climatic conditions for apple cultivation.

2. Beekeeper

Honey is a valuable commodity highly sought-after worldwide. You can become a beekeeper to raise bees to produce and sell high-quality honey and other value-added products like beeswax, chapsticks, etc.

3. Beeswax Processing

In addition to your beekeeping work, you can also collect beeswax from hives and supply them to those companies that use it for candle making.

4. Mushroom Cultivation

To start a mushroom farming business, you need to obtain technical training, and quality seeds from your local horticulture department and begin to grow and sell a vareity of mushrooms.

5. Dairy Farmer

To start a dairy farm business, you will be ensuring production of high quality milk, and sell it to your local consumers, restaurants, ad hotels.

6. Butter Production

In addition, you can produce butter and then sell the same dairy product to above mentioned key customer segments in your locality.

7. Curd Production 

Well, besides butter, you could also add curd production process to fill your bank account with more profits.

8. Vegetable Seeds Grower 

If you have a fertile piece of land, then grow a variety of vegetable seeds and sell them to local as well as national vegetable growers.

9. Strawberry Cultivation 

It’s worth to plant strawberry plants if you live in an area with temperate agro-climatic conditions. After all, such conditions prove high favourable for the plant growth.

10. Strawberry Processing

Additionally you can consider processing and packaging of strawberries through jams and juices production.

11. Rose Oil Cultivation

If you have the availability of cultivated land and favourable climatic conditions, consider rose oil cultivation and sell your rose oil produce to deodorant, room freshener and perfume manufacturers.

12. Lavender Plantation

Establish a farm to cultivate lavender plants to squeeze an oil that is used in perfumes, room fresheners, deodorants etc. However, your geography and climate should be high favourable for the plant’s growth.

13. Geranium Cultivation

Consider cultivating geranium plants and sell the produce(geranium oil) to antiseptic, cosmetic and other herbal companies.

14.  Flower Seeds Grower 

Due to the growing demand for flowers, you might also consider the production of a variety of flowers seeds and sell them to local households, flower growers, floriculture departments and even to the flower exporters.

15. Onion Cultivator 

If you own a piece of land that supports the better growth of onions, then you might consider to cultivate onions.

16. Potato Farmer 

Cultivate potatoes by utilising a high breed variety seed if your local soil is rich enough to support the growth of potatoes.

17. Bioplastic Producer

As a potato cultivator, you may extend your thoughts to starting a bioplastics manufacturing unit to manufacture a variety of environment-friendly products such as shopping bags, outer packaging materials, flowerpots etc from potato starch.

18. Fresh Fries Maker

If the choice of bioplastic doesn’t fit well with your pursuits and finances, consider becoming a french fries maker.

19. Potato Chips Maker

You could also grab up more money by buying a potato chips making machine to make potato chips and sell them to local retail shops and wholesalers.

20. Sell Potato Seeds 

Additionally, you could pack and sell potato seeds to local as well as national potato growers and even to exporters.

21. Melon Farmer

If your native soil has great water and air infiltration rates, becoming a watermelon farmer is doubtlessly a great idea for you.

22. Tomato Farmer

If your local soil’s PH conditions are ideal(usually around 6.0 to 6.8) for tomato plant growth, consider pursuing the tomato farming activity.

23. Goat Raiser 

If highly demanded by your local market, raise goats for multi-purposes such as milk, meat, fiber, manure, and skin.

24. Poultry Farmer

Raise chickens, ducks, turkeys etc like birds to provide your community the high quality poultry meat and eggs.

25. Poultry Feed Production

Take plunge into a poultry feed production business to supply high quality feed and fodder to local poultry farmers and help them avoid the huge cost they incur for imported feed.

26. Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream as a refreshing treat is at its peak demand ever since we endured hot summers. Hence, you could also start an ice cream business today.

27. Chicken Processing 

Setup a chicken processing plant business to cater local consumers, retailers,, traders(national and international) and wholesalers.

28. Sheep Farmer

Improve your economic conditions and livelihood by raising and breeding sheep for high quality mutton, milk and wool.

29. Mutton Processor

As a sheep farmer, you may buy new or refurbished equipment to start a mutton processing plant to strengthen your revenue channel.

30. Leather Tannery 

Additionally, you could set up a tannery plant to process skins of sheep and sell them to local and national leather goods manufacturers.

31. Grass Cutter 

Render grass cutting service to local farmers by equipping your hands with grass cutting machine.

32. Snail Farmer 

You may also be interested in becoming a snail farmer to raise snails for meat. But ensure the farm space is large enough to discourage overcrowding.

33. Peanut Cultivation 

Being important for commercial producers, you could also be interested in peanuts or groundnuts cultivation.

34. Fish Farmer 

Utilise a tank, pond or any other enclosure to raise fish for human consumption.

35. Rabbit Raiser

Raising and breeding rabbits for meat or as pets could be one of the simplest business choices on your homestead.

36. Apple Nursery

Consider starting an apple nursery if your place proves supportive for the propagation and growth of apple plants.

37. Pear Nursery

In addition to apple, you could also add up a section of pear nursery to pull out more profits from the target market.

38. Agrochemical Producer 

Help farmers to achieve high crop yields by producing and selling agrochemicals like as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc

39. Bio Fertiliser Producer

Assist farmers in promoting the growth and development of host plants by starting a bio-fertiliser production business.

40. Tractor Plowing  

You may also offer plowing services to the local farmers if you are in a position(financially) to buy a tractor.

41. Tiller Service 

Aid regional farmers in preparing soil for plantation by offering a tiller service to them.

42. Rice Cultivator 

Cultivate, pack and sell rice to regional as well as international populations for whom rice is a major staple food.

43. Sunflower Farmer

Sunflower isn’t just an ornamental flower, it even finds a great use for in making cosmetics and paints.

44. Agrologist

Get involved in offering professional agrological support for the cultivation, regulation, production and processing of food.

45. Agricultural Consultant 

Offer agricultural consultation services to help farmers, growers etc in growing better and high yielding crops.

46. Hydroponic Farmer 

You may also take interest in learning and gaining knowledge about hydroponics to grow plants in mineral nutrient solutions.

47. Bamboo Farmer

Finding enormous construction uses due to its strong ability to withstand large amount of weights, you can start a bamboo farming business if it’s proves easy to grow in your area.

48. Floral Designer 

If you love arranging flowers into beautiful bouquets, then you should definitely think about the career of a florist or a floral designer to create pleasing displays of flowers for homes and events.

49. Tree Trimmer 

If you’re not scared of heights, you might choose to become a tree trimmer to help in improving the appearance and value of trees by cutting away the dead and excessive branches from them.

50. Mustard Farmer 

Individuals owing a land asset in a temperate region could plant mustard to sell mustard seeds to farmers and distil out and sell mustard oil.

51. Compost Maker

Collect leaves, grass and your garden waste to make and sell organic compost to the locally living agriculturalists.

52. Organic Farmer 

In becoming an organic farmer you got to practice the use of green manures, compost etc instead of growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides etc.

53. Tobacco Farmer

An individual who owns a piece of land in countries like India, Brazil, China etc cultivation of tobacco plants could prove the best business choice.

54. Sickle Maker

Make sickles or bagging hooks to aid farmers in cutting or trimming grass and grain plants.

55. Tree seed supplier 

Harvest seeds from various kinds of trees and supply them to those people who are in need of planting new ones.

56. Cotton farming 

Cultivate cotton plants to obtain and supply cotton fibre to textile companies.

57. Sell potted plants 

Grow and sell a variety of potted plants such as cactus, donkey’s tail etc to households and gardeners.

58. Firewood seller

Someone with enough trees on land may supply firewood to those people who require it.

59. Farm sitter

Take charge of other people’s farms during their absence or who are incapable to take care of their lands on their own.

60. Popcorn maker

Heat up the corn to make and sell popcorn to people near entertainment places like as movie theatres, playgrounds etc.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.