If you don’t want to see your environment getting further deteriorated, consider opening an aluminum can be recycling business. Aluminum cans, when thrown away by people after use, can potentially harm your environment. Since discarded aluminum cans have a tremendous reselling value, collecting them from various places can become a good source of income for you.

You will keep on earning a stable income in this trade as long as people continue to use and discard aluminum beverage cans. See below for the best way to get started with this business.

Required skills

There is no particular skill set or education required, except you must have a good sense of selling your cans for the best price. Furthermore, there is no complexity involved when it comes to using your equipment during the collection process. All you need to use is common sense.


Probably, the only equipment that you need to use when you go out for gathering aluminum cans includes a few trash bins or polythene bin bags. You may also use gloves to provide your hand’s protection, mainly when you collect cans from landfills and other places where you need to separate them from debris. Of course, the use of gloves doesn’t end here, though.

You will need to wear them when you sit down for the sorting process. To keep your startup costs low, buying a vehicle is not the right decision until you can’t make sufficient money. Until then, you can hire a car when you need to transport your bins filled with trash to the local collection centers.


The other important task involved is looking for places where you will be collecting your aluminum cans. Some of the familiar places you should look for includes your local public parks, roadsides, and landfills. You won’t have to spend any penny collecting cans from these places, except a fare to the vehicle owner.

However, you may have to spend some amount when you collect them from local households as they know their value. When there is a value for such trash, why shouldn’t people store them to sell to collectors?

Selling your trash

Finally, you have to get prepared for turning your trash into cash. There shall be a lot of collection centers in your city. Make sure to sell your collected aluminum cans to the one that offers you maximum value and hence walk away with your money.

Susan Ranford

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