You might find it weird but it is a known fact that where there is a bed, there needs to be a cover to cover and use it for sleeping purposes. A bed sheet making is a manufacturing type of business that can be made operational with a small investment and can do extremely well when it comes to generating profit. Here we have outlined almost everything you need for starting your own bedsheet manufacturing business.

Know your clients

You shall be beginning by identifying your potential clients. Some of the key market areas that you need to target your bedsheets include residential houses, hospitals, hotels, hostels, clothing retail stores, etc. Although there are other demographics with sufficient demand for bed sheets, these are easy to market.


You will be starting with looking for finance which sums somewhere around 7-8 lakh since there are many different types of machinery required including a foot, operated stitching machine, a double-needle stitching machine, an embroidery machine, overlock machine, an ironing machine, and a labeling machine.

And you know it well such machines can’t be operated by one single labor. Such a broad process generally needs 2-4 skilled labor. A proper training course should be given to the workers. They should also be taught precautionary measures so that they stay safe while operating all kinds of machinery during and after the production process.

In addition to the machinery and labor, bedsheets manufacturing will also require raw material such as printed cotton fabrics, sewing threads, and packing material. The size of the place where you plan to install and operate bed sheets making machinery should span for approximately 3000 sq. feet which equals to 278 square meters.

You can enjoy nearly 20-30% of profits in a bed sheet making business and recouped time for your investment could be from 6 months to 1 year unless you find any reason to cease business operations.

Shahid Amin

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