I have collected a plenty of online business ideas over the years but, unfortunately, I’ve not been able to give life to all of them. Today, I decided to share them with you with the hope that you might create a massive success for yourself.

There is certainly competition for these businesses however, competition tells me that there is a demand for them. If there is no-one else selling anything on these topics at the time that you are developing your website then I’d suggest getting into another niche – if it isn’t already being sold on the internet then it probably cannot be sold on the internet.

1. Online tutoring

You can make money online by offering a sort of tutoring service for maths, science, social studies, writing, reading, test preparations, etc… There are literally billions of people who go to school and need help with certain subjects, but this is just school. You can also offer a language tutoring service and teach people a language. All you need to do is find something that people want to learn, language, school subject, test preparation, lessons and so on.

What you can do is charge by the hour, so lets say you are tutoring someone maths and are charging around $20 per hour and work for 7 hours a day, $20 x 7 = $140. You can also charge by 1.5 hours or 2 hours, anything that you think will work best for you. Now you can promote your tutoring services on sites like eBay classified and craigslist and make a few YouTube videos.

You can use a G Chat, Yahoo! Chat, Aim, Skype and other programs to communicate with your customers. Just make sure that you know enough on the service your going to be tutoring others. Make sure you will also have no distraction for the time that you will be communicating with your customer, so this means, no shopping, no phone calls otherwise you might have an unhappy customer that will want their money back. This is not good because this will also ruin your reputation, which you don’t want.

2. Photography lessons online

This is a majorly growing niche, with more and more people picking up either a digital camera or using their phone as a primary camera. Most people end up taking blurry, mis-composed shots and are looking for a way to understand all aspects of photography. At the front end this is a simple tutoring / teaching business, at the back-end this has huge commission potential since most people who like photography are major hobbyist and will spend in the long term for quality products, lenses, and workshops.

3. Self-defense website / eBook

With the current growth in media as well as personal electronics, this niche is an essential niche in such circumstances. The media constantly pumps fear-filled messages of mugging, robberies, abuse and assault. Thus more and more people are looking towards educating themselves to be able to take care of themselves in a tough situation

4. Personal Development Business

Currently in the US only about 75% people have access to internet. As this grows the growth in personal development will grow with it. Also as more and more economies move towards become knowledge based economies the need for personal development (time management, productivity, getting things done, wealth mastery etc) increases. Even in developing economies the middle class’ work is become more and more knowledge-based, either through automation of menial tasks or through outsourcing to low-cost locations.

5. Travel Website

This could be geared to a specific travel destination, or to a specific demographic e.g Skiing Destinations, or Adventure Travels etc. This has very broad appeal yet is a mile deep. So I would recommend taking a very tight niche and then going all the way in the niche. Like Mountain Biking Destinations and then just focusing on the demographic of mountain biking.

6. Leather Retailing E-Commerce Website

Leather will always be in style even with a lot of faux leather out there the demand for genuine leather exists and grows every day. This is something that you may have to look for a good drop shipper however the demand is high enough to even warrant creating your own brand.

7.High Dynamic Range Photography Teaching Course

This niche is probably going to explode even higher – since Apple announced the inclusion of HDR photography in their iPhone 4 iOS 4.2 due to be released in November. Even before Apple announced that this niche had a lot of demand especially with enthusiasts. At the front end, there is the possibility of sales through coaching and workshops, at the back end there is a huge possibility in commissions from cameras and lenses and specialised equipment.

08. Bridal Website

Another speciality niche with huge potential. This is something that I accidentally discovered, however I don’t know much about brides / or bridal things neither do I have anyone in my circle of mentors who do.

Rais Dar

RAIS DAR is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and a Small Business Consultant who loves to write about Entrepreneurship, and Career Guidance.