Blogging consultants help companies or individuals build blogs, increase their blog or website traffic, and supply professionally written content continually. Many blogs or pre-blogs need help getting solidified online. They need to know what direction the blog needs to go, the target audience, and what the readers want to know. A blogging consultant is a perfect opportunity to own a home-based business.


Even though there is no formal education or training and no formal requirements for becoming a blogging consultant, persons interested in this line of work should have background experience. A blogger needs to have basic computer knowledge as well as a certain level of skill when operating the Internet. Having an education which includes coursework in website building and technical writing will help in becoming a consultant. Another help is having knowledge of the best blogging platforms, so the clients can receive optimal service.

SEO Services

To be a blogging consultant, one must have mastery skills in optimizing search engine results. A consultant offers clients search engine optimization services to help their client’s blog rank higher than other competing blogs. One of the services might be using appropriate keywords in each blog post in order to put the client’s blog post at the top of the search engine results. This gives clients a better chance at meeting the goals of the blog.


Previous experience with technical writing comes into play when offering content to the client. This can be done in many ways, but what works best is to offer the client the option for the consultant to provide blogging ideas for the client to write each blog post or the consultant provides all the fresh content for the blog. Most bloggers complain they just don’t have time to blog every day or week. Having technical writing experience gives the consultant the skills needed to offer such services as providing all the content for the blog.

Rais Dar

RAIS DAR is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and a Small Business Consultant who loves to write about Entrepreneurship, and Career Guidance.