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Top 10 Most Successful Business ideas in Dubai [2020]

Dubai, one of the popular emirates of United Arab Emirates {UAE}, is popular for its high rise architecture all over the world. It is a proud home to the world’s tallest building named Burj Khalifa.

Perhaps no one {except Almighty} in the past could have anticipated that a sandy place like Dubai would one day become a popular destination in the world. Neither anyone would have thought that Dubai will emerge as a destination for tourist attraction.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell the tales about how Dubai became so rich that nowadays it attracts global investors but to present a list of top 10 small business ideas that not only demand low startup costs but also are poised for success in today’s Dubai:

1. Real estate business

Dubai presently has a leading real estate industry, engaged in the development of its housing, industrial, and logistical areas. With the mind-blowing architecture that this city has to offer and new projects coming up every single day, being in the real estate field can bring in some serious revenue to your company.

Don’t let this fool you though; the competition is all the tougher. The one thing that you have to work on by yourself in a real estate business is your enthusiasm and optimism, no matter what comes your way.

2. Ad agency business

Given the presence of thousands of already established brands(whether small or big) and increase in newly registered companies, opening an ad agency to plan, produce and deliver creative advertising solutions is bound to flourish in Dubai.

3. Job agency business

Industries can’t work without manpower and we know that as long as businesses keep on running in Dubai, there will always be a strong need for both skillful and unskillful human resources. Assuming that you are an HR professional, the requirement of manpower in the companies of Dubai provides you a compelling small business opportunity in the form of a job agency business.

4. Travel agency

Dubai has become one of the top tourist destinations on the planet, attracting tourists in millions from different parts of the world. Many travelers need people who can plan off their trips, provide consultation services, and tour packages. Hence, you may be a person who has it all to offer tour and travel services while opening a travel agency in Dubai.

5. Photography 

Dubai is a paradise for someone who is pursuing photography. With stunning locations and such a vibrant culture, being a photographer here is amazing. A lot of companies need photographers for their digital content so it’s one of the best times to start a photography company. Make sure to gather all the permits for locations before the shoots.

6. Open a night club

After a long stressful day at work, people want to let loose and unwind. Dubai is known for its amazing nightlife. With tourists coming into Dubai all year round, owning a nightclub can be a very lucrative business.

7. Open a restaurant

Dubai has an international population. With such a vast multicultural cuisine to offer, opening up a restaurant in Dubai is perfect. Even the smallest cafeterias here generate high revenue.

8. Content writer 

Dubai is of the fastest developing cities in the world. Since everything is going digital, companies need to churn out content faster than ever before. Be it videos, photos, or blogs, companies need to find agencies or businesses to produce content at large scales for them. It can be writing for websites or shooting videos for social media. companies need people to churn out content at a rapid rate in this country because they want to stay above their competition.

9. Education business

Dubai International Academic City is the largest free zone dedicated to higher learning. If you have a background in the educational field or if this is something you’re passionate about, Dubai is the place for you. By the year 2020, Dubai is planning on opening 80 new private schools. This is one of the best times to enter the education field.

10. Jewelry design 

Dubai is widely known as the City of Gold. With places like the Gold Souk, Dubai Gold, and Diamond Park among a lot of others make this city an amazing destination to set up a jewelry store. Starting your own line of handmade jewelry is a great idea as well.