The Moroccan economy saw a transformational change when governments in 1993 integrated privatization with several sectors. As a result, the GDP of Morocco grew multifold, And, the country also recently attained 5th rank in the African continent.

Although the country’s main sectors like tourism, textile, and telecom are doing well, agriculture holds tremendous potential for a variety of small business and employment opportunities. Here are the top 10 profitable good business ideas you may want to start in Morocco.

Sugar beets farming

The mineral-rich soil and climate of Morocco support better cultivation of sugar beets. Hence, if you are lucky to own a piece of fertile farm in Morocco, it would be indeed great for you to think of the sugar beets farming business.

Wheat farming

Wheat is always sought after for flour and other important products not just in Morocco but also worldwide. Wheat cultivation is therefore a great area of focus for Moroccan entrepreneurs.

Although wheat production had to face a hard hit by drought back in 2016, Morocco still continues to rank second-largest wheat-growing country in Africa.

Barley farming

The use of barley for bread, soups, and health products won’t ever reduce. Moroccan entrepreneurs can also start a barley farming business as they are lucky to have their local soil providing supportive conditions for barley cultivation.

Tomato farming

Surveys and market reports tell that Morocco exports thousands of tons of tomatoes every year. That is a good reason for entrepreneurs to launch their tomato farming businesses. People located near places Souss Massa, El Jadida, and Casablanca are a great advantage due to their favorable climatic conditions.

Sugarcane farming

The favorable soil and climatic conditions of the country also support sugarcane cultivation. That is a good reason the native entrepreneurs should think about starting a sugarcane cultivation business.

Olive farming

Moroccan olives not only find a great space locally but also in the cuisines, staples, and cultures of other countries worldwide. Keeping that in mind, you may also want to consider starting an olive farming business.

Maize farming

Despite having supportive cultivation conditions, Morocco, unfortunately, is a major importor of maize or corn, resulting the outflow of money to foriegn countries. Entrepreneurs can help avoid money outflow while turning their focus on domestic maize cultivation.

Peanuts farming

Peanuts cultivation is yet another farming-related business idea you can start in Morocco. The nut cum legume has a great prospect for market demand worldwide.

Tractor ploughing service

Farmers need to plough their lands before they could sow crop seeds. There is a majority of commercial farmers who can’t afford to use primitive tools and to keep their own tractors for plouging purpose.

Launching a tractor services business can earn you lots of money given the rates charged per hectare. Besides serving other farmers, you could also use your tractor for your own land.

Sell fertilizers

Fertilisers are a must-haves for farmers otherwise they won’t be able to obtain high crop yeilds. After all, low fertility means low yields while as high fertility of land means high yields. Lands that are to be used for crop, cereal, and pulses cultivation need several doses of fertilizers before and after harvest.

Becky Holton

This Guide is brought to you by Becky Holton who is a journalist and a blogger. She teaches and trains budding entrepreneurs on various startup aspects.