Oman is one of the rich countries in the Middle East region. Oman is a promising market for various goods and services. It is because people have enough money to spend on life luxuries. No matter whether you are an expat or a native, here are some profitable small business ideas and opportunities you can invest in Oman.

Event planner

Most people in Oman prefer hiring event planners. It is because they don’t want to mess with the stress associated with managing events such as weddings, festivals, ceremonies, concerts, etc. So, you may like to start an event management services business in Oman to provide people best experience while handling requirements of their events.

Digital marketer

To keep up with people’s growing online shopping preferences; digital marketers are constantly sought-after by many brick and mortar companies and emerging startups. So if you are a digital marketer, you can help companies connect with online shoppers while offering them digital marketing services.

Restaurant business

Restaurant will remain an in-demand business in Oman as people love to eat out since they have a paucity of time to cook their meals. So, if you have sufficient funds, one of the best foods related businesses where you can use your investment is opening a restaurant to feed eaters in Oman.

Interior designer

All newly built homes require interior designer’s services to enhance the aesthetic looks of their rooms and home as a whole. If you are someone who is very selective in decorations, you may want to cater interior design services to the populace of Oman.

 Jewerly maker

Omani people like others are also obsessed with wearing jewelry. You will always notice women who attend religious festivals, weddings, and other events wearing jewelry around their necks, ears, and noses. If you are a person who has some good skills to make custom jewelry, you can open a jewelry-making business in Oman.  

Real estate agent

Oman is a place where companies constantly look for expansion. As a result, these companies require more office spaces for their employees. So, becoming a real estate agent will ensure to provide workspaces to the companies that look for opening more branches at new locations in Oman.

Arcade game rentals

You can also start an arcade game equipment rental business in Oman as people require it for their parties, carnivals, corporate events, festivals, etc.

Brenda Savoie

Brought to you by Brenda Savoie who is an English tutor, educational expert, and a career guide. She is writing her first romance novel and is seeking contentment through mindfulness