9 Profitable Small Business ideas in Pune [2020]

Good business ideas are always deemed to flouish at a densly populated location and you know Pune is one such place in India. Pune has historically been a pride place for the great Maratha Kindgom. It got transformed into a hub for manufacturing, automobile, information technology, and education. Find below some good business ideas you can consider in Pune, Maharasta.

1. Event management

People in Pune give preference to hiring event management service providers on account of attaining help with stress. Your business will recieve a guranteed patronage in Pune from people if you could provide them best experience while handling their wedding, festival, and corporate events.

2. Digital marketing

Digital marketers are being constantly looked up by brick and mortar companies and emerging startups in Pune in order to keep up with growing preference for online shopping among people. Saying that, if you are a digital marketer, you could help these companies connect with online shoppers while offering them digital marketing services.

3. Open a restaurant

Restaurant is always an in demand business in Pune since people perfer eating out as they have paucity of time for cooking their meals. If you have funds, you may use it for opening a restaurant in Pune.

4. Online retailer

In a news, it was disclosed that India saw a tremendous shift in online shopping over last one decade and Pune has a share of 5.40%. Given that statistical figure, starting an online store is one of the best opportunities in Pune. Focus on staying distinctive from giant competitors like Amazon and Flipkart as it would provide handy for your success.

5. Jewelery business 

People in Pune are always obsessed with wearing jewelry. You can never notice women attending religious festivals, weddings and other events without jewelry in their ears, nose and necks. Someone with skills to make custom jewlery should open a jewelry business in Pune.

6. Real estate agent 

In a place where companies look for branching out, there is a need for office spaces to be used by employees for work. Becoming a real estate agent ensures to provide work spaces to companies that look for opening branches in Pune.

7. Web designing 

Netizens who live in every home of Pune, shop online more than ever. Businesses can’t afford to lose their customers who are continuously shifting towards online shopping. Where there is such a positive trend of people toward online shopping, there should be a huge demand for web design services as well.

8. E-commerce solutions

Ecommerce solutions augment companies to manage online customer orders. You could make and provide them shopping carts, ERP’s, website widgets etc they require while processing orders placed by their customers.

9. Interior designer

Every home built needs the services of an interior designer who could enhance the aesthetic look of rooms and homes as a whole. If you are very selective in decorations, then consider catering interior design services to the Pune populace.