Top 20 Profitable Small Business ideas in India for 2019

People have every right in a democratic country to ask questions and even criticise the government in power. However, i feel pity on people who more often than not criticise governments for not delivering the promise of generating jobs.

I suggest them to stop putting an unfair blame on governments rather examine their own conscious because when you are not ready for change, even governments can’t help you.

I am not repudiating the fact that the job of governments is to foster a favourable ecosystem for entrepreneurship, however, it is you who have to generate employment for yourself, your family and for other unemployed people while starting businesses.

Most Indian people want to start new and innovative businesses. They don’t wake-up to the ground truth that there are already many areas where potential startups can be created.

Here are top 20 best and highly lucrative small business opportunities that luckily not only demand low capital investment but also have a vast local and national market potential today as well as in the upcoming years in India.

1. Healthcare clinics

Health issues are very common in India not only in people living in urban areas but also in people living in villages.

While over 60% of country’s population lives in rural and semi urban areas, surprisingly more than 80% healthcare facilities are located in urban areas. That means we need to setup healthcare facilities where they are needed most i.e. in rural and semi urban regions.

Entrepreneurs should take full advantage of the large number of certified healthcare physicians staying unemployed and the easy availability of startup finances and launch healthcare clinics in remote villages, towns and semi urban areas.

2. Wedding planners

Indian wedding has turned into an opulent affair, something that should impress people no matter how expensive it gets and each year lakhs of wedding events take place across the country.

Indians nowadays want to celebrate lavishly marriages and you know such events require meticulous planning and attention in detail. This has resulted in the demand for wedding planners who’ve the ability to plan and organise everything for throwing grand wedding events.

To take a successful plunge as a good wedding planner, you require excellent planning, organising & communication skills and off course knowledge of fashion and local rituals and customers.

Many Indians are also becoming accustomed to exotic location weddings. Wedding planners should therefore capitalise on this new trend as well.

3. Cement tiles manufacturer

The Indian cement tiles market is still largely untapped and, moreover, experts predict its explosive growth in the upcoming years.

Cement tiles are widely used for flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, patio and even on terrace. With very low industry competition, simple manufacturing process, low input costs and most importantly the great ease of access to raw materials, aspiring entrepreneurs can confidently start a cement tiles manufacturing business in India.

4. Vacation rental business

Statistical surveys show that the tourist arrivals in India is increasing year on year and you know foreigners who come here for spending vacations need accommodation.

Vacation home rentals are constantly growing in demand everywhere including India because they prove affordable as well as flexible over hotels. It is even believed that vacation homes will lead to the collapse of hotels in just few years, says Entrepreneur Magazine.

5. Small restaurants / Fast food kiosks

The associated advantages such as small capitals, few overheads, basic infrastructure etc and with high tourist inflow from foreign countries, offering food-on-go to them is a compelling business opportunity for local aspiring entrepreneurs.

6. Recycling Business

India on each passing year is drowning in garbage. The country largely lacks effective initiatives of recycling plastics, paper and other forms of recyclable waste.

With almost negligible competition on the ground, entrepreneurs have multiple opportunities of making money by turning waste into useful products. Not only can local entrepreneurs save many already flawed landfills but it can also prove one of the best employment solutions for the country’s large number of unemployed youth.

7. Mineral Water Bottle Plants

The unavailability of fresh mineral water has been found one of the top reasons that demotivates the majority of foreign tourists in paying visits to India. Given that situation, starting mineral water bottle plants is therefore one of the potential areas in today’s India.

8. Sell E-commerce Solutions 

Ever increasing number of online shoppers has posed immense pressure on local as well as national hotels, real estate, retail companies etc for facilitating products and services online.

This massive online shopping shift among Indians provides Indian budding entrepreneurs especially software and web developers the opportunity of creating and selling e commerce solutions to both startups and also to established companies that operate in the country.

9. Jute Bags Manufacturing 

With ban put on the manufacturing and use of plastic products and the easily availability of jute material locally, starting jute bags making units is another rewarding business opportunity we have spotted in India.

10. Vegetable Seeds Production

India is one of those countries that still largely depends on agriculture. Demand for vegetable seeds among local vegetable growers and seed suppliers would continue to exist.

Ever growing demand for vegetable seeds among both local and national vegetable growers and seed suppliers in the country provides another opportunity in the form of vegetable seeds production to the rural based aspiring entrepreneurs.

11. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms especially button ones are very popular in India. Though being one of the favourite dishes to Indians, its production is still limited in the country causing it to be costly than meat and other vegetables.

With the easy availability of dung and paddy straw, it is much easy for youth entrepreneurs to get into the  mushroom cultivation business.

12. Strawberry Cultivation

Strawberry is one of the important fruit crops grown in India. Besides being very popular to local consumers, it is also gaining wide acceptance in the international markets, thereby a great opportunity locals can contemplate on.

13. Dairy Farming Business

It is very hard to believe that India being the world’s largest milk producer, yet its local population faces a high deficit of milk supply. Therefore a dairy farming business is yet another great business opportunity that local entrepreneurs could focus on.

14. Butter/Ghee Production 

Due to the ample availability of skilled labour, low input costs etc Indian entrepreneurs could also consider starting a butter and ghee production business to fulfil its high domestic demand for butter and ghee products.

15. Poultry Feed Production

The demand of poultry feed is also likely to grow significantly in the country as the poultry sector has demonstrated huge growth in recent years.

16. Ice cream Business

India is one of those countries that experiences very hot summers every year. Therefore an ice cream business is another good business opportunity that is worth starting In India.

17. Poultry Farming Business

A country with diverse communities consuming high quantities of chicken and eggs, what other than a poultry farming business holds the great prospect to thrive well in India.

18. Solar Power Production 

This has a great potential in a country like India where there is a huge gap in the supply and demand of electricity and therefore entrepreneurs could tap into this bushiness to reduce the impact of power cuts in remote areas in India.

19. Biomass Fuel Briquettes

Today world is seeking the best alternatives to the use of fossil fuels and India is no different. Since people use high quantities of wood and coal in their homes, it has given rise to the threatening environmental issues, therefore local entrepreneurs could think to manufacture biomass fuel briquettes as an alternative to the use of such fuels.

20. IT Hardware Solutions 

With countless banks, institutes and other computer users facing unique challenges, starting your own IT hardware solutions business is another compelling business opportunity for the local entrepreneurs.

Satyabrata Dash

About Author:

Satyabrata Dash, a Bhubaneswar, Odisha based professional who apart from working with Hinduja Globals, loves to write on startups, work issues and not to mention entrepreneurship.