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 Startup Daily Tips is one of those few leading startup blogs that accepts guest post columns

If, as an industry expert, you have something that would benefit our audience, then we would love to work with you. Here are our guidelines and requirements regarding guest contributors.

What we expect?

Something that will perfectly fly with the theme of Startup Daily Tips. That is your ideas, tips, advice, insights etc should be original and prove highly useful to our readers – aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

Please don’t send us a topic which has already been published whether on web or in print form. You would be banned forever if your content is found duplicate or even plagiarised.

We also say ” No ” to articles written with the help of online spinning tools. In short, your article must be human written.

Your topic must be relevant and contain a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 1200 words. Every paragraph should be short – 3 sentences maximum.

You can also send us a press release or news, having not less than 330 words.

Make sure that you attach a copyright free featured image – maximum of 40 kb in size. In addition, you need to send us an author image ( max. of 10 pixels in size ) and a brief author bio ( max. of 30 words ). Share your article via Google drive.

What will you get?

Publishing on StartupDailytips.com means exposure to a large audience ( 110000 monthly visitors ) and an incredible opportunity to get a link towards your blog. You can put your link wherever you want in your article but it will be no-follow.

However, you can get a link with do-follow attribution provided you:

When will we publish your content?

Your article will be reviewed twice before it is scheduled to go live on website, takes us usually 2 business days because we receive a lot of submissions. However, we always try to act as fast as possible. A press release goes live in just 20 minutes.

You will be notified accordingly once your post is published. You will also be notified about the rejection of your topic.

Contact us – raisdar4@gmail.com