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The Wuhan born Coronavirus {COVID-19} epidemic has shattered everything while unleashing its deadly attack on mankind. Economies are paralyzed, businesses are shut and means of livelihood have disappeared. Given these circumstances, it is very difficult especially for daily wage earner demographic to feed their families. Here are 6 business ideas to help them survive while battling the coronavirus crisis.

Make masks

People are in desperate need of wearing masks in order to stay protected from the coronavirus epidemic. While they may not use a mask in their homes, wearing it is compulsory whenever they go out of their homes. Since the production of masks is limited and companies are already shut, you could start a mask-making business in your locality. All you need to get started is tailoring skills and cloth materials to be used for making masks. You could also hand over tailoring to your local tailors and take care of networking by yourself. Mask making is also doable from home.

Disposable gowns for medical professionals

Medical professionals aren’t robots who can’t be infected by coronavirus. Even they are humans like us and thereby need protection while they treat coronavirus infected patients in hospitals. They may be doctors, nurses, and other staff working in hospitals. You could ensure these warriors safety and protection while launching a disposable gowns making business. However, the problem of the hour is that you may not be able to get machinery given the current lockdown circumstances.  

Sanitisation Services

Disinfection of public places is also the need of hour in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Regular sanitisation services are required to disinfected places like hospitals, roads, streets, commercial offices, and even homes. All that you need to offer sanitisation services includes a hand sanitize, and sanitisation chemicals.

E-learning services

The education sector has also been paralyzed by coronavirus. Students can’t go their schools to attend classes and at the same time teachers cannot teach them. E-learning {electronic learning} services make it possible to bring both teachers and students together via e-learning platforms. We could save thereby save the future of our children by offering e-learning services to both government and private schools. However, you need skills to create e-learning software and smartphone applications.  

Teach online

There are tons of online platforms, Udemy being popular, where teachers could meet millions of registered students who seek your teaching service. Likewise, there are seekers of a particular professional course. Thereby, you will be able to earn at the comfort of your own home while teaching a subject or any professional course online.   

Probiotics Business

Probiotic foods have grown in demand as they help people to boost their health and immunity which is desperately required to combat Coronavirus disease. The sales of probiotic foods will continue to boom as long as mankind doesn’t find a generic vaccine to treat Coronavirus.

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