First, consider creating a business plan. Preparing a dance school business plan will force you to assess the market you want to enter and the competition and options available to make the project a success. This will allow you to avoid several potential blunders, and most importantly, it will protect you from a bad investment. 


Our ambition is to establish a successful dance school. We decided to open a dance school based on the many years of experience of professional dancers and dance teachers. The presented business plan aims to bring the idea to life and lead to receiving financial resources.

General characteristics of the company

1. History.

The dance school will operate as a simple corporation. Maria and Peter Ivanov will be the accomplices.

2. Basic information
The company is located at …
Phone …
Mail: …
We, as owners, have 50% of the deposits.
The company has a bank account…

3. Monetary structure
Own contribution:
Maria Ivanova: $8,000
Petr Ivanov: $8,000
Credit: $8,000
Amount: $24,000

III. Description of business activity

1. Offer
The dance school will focus on the most popular ballroom dance courses and plans classes for children (to establish an enduring partnership with a nearby preschool and school) and recently a top-rated body improvement course for women. Over time, we plan to expand the offer, as orders are made, constantly observing the needs of potential customers.

2. Planned initial funds:
– Adaptation of the premises – about 15,000 dollars;
– Audio equipment – $ 2,000;
— Music — $400;
— Computers, software, fiscal cash desk — $4,500;
— Website — $800;
– Advertising – $ 1,300;
Total: $24,000.

3. Employment plan
– 3 dance teachers;
— 2 administrators;

4. Salaries of employees
– Dance teacher;
– Administrator;
(All are employed on a labor agreement)

5. Estimated Monthly Costs
– Premises rental – $1,500;
— Wages of employees 2500 dollars;
– Accounting – $ 100;
— Hosting and domain — $30;
— Payment (Internet, phone, etc.) — $130;
– Payment of the loan – $ 330;
Total: $4490

IV. Simplified SWOT Analysis

1. Strengths
— Location in the city center with good transport links,
— Interesting room arrangement,
— Professional teachers,
— Titled owners,
— Possibility of reservation and payment via the Internet,

2. Weaknesses
– Marriage of the corresponding number of parking spaces
– The entrance to the premises is located from the courtyard

3. Perspectives
Wide range of courses on offer, with the possibility of expanding the offer, organizing parties accompanying the courses, the desire of potential clients to break away from the harsh reality and “do something for yourself”

4. Threats
– Existing for two years competitive school
– General crisis, reflecting the desire to allocate funds for satisfaction

V. Marketing Plan

1. Website
2. Flyers
3. Posters
4. Regular advertising in the local press.

Ashly William

This piece of expertise is brought to you by Ashly William who is a freelance writer and a trainer on business services and marketing. Her work has been acknowledged by many national and international publications.