The Apollo Group of Hospitals was founded by Dr. Pratap Reddy. India’s first commercial hospital is the Apollo Group of Hospitals. He influenced and inspired others to make dramatic improvements in India’s healthcare system. There are around 750 corporate hospitals in India nowadays.

Dr. Pratap Reddy worked as the Chief Resident doctor at Worcester City Hospital in the United States before returning to India and starting a practice in Madras with a monthly income of just three thousand rupees.

He came up with the idea of founding the Apollo Group of Hospitals to give all high-quality medical services in India at a cost that was affordable to the average person. He was able to open the first facility in Chennai in 1983 after putting in a lot of effort.

The center was followed by the first consulting body. Since the establishment of the Apollo Group of Hospitals, it has been demonstrated that India’s infrastructure is equal to that of any other country around the globe.

The most difficult organ transplants are performed with ease in Apollo Hospitals, which specializes in the procedure. In India, there are approximately twenty-two Apollo Hospitals, with annual revenue of over one hundred million dollars.

The Apollo Group of Hospitals has recently expanded to several Asian countries. The first International Clinic opened in Dubai in 1999, with plans to expand to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman, and Africa.

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