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Dr. Pratap Reddy is the one who created the Apollo Group of Hospitals. The Apollo Group of Hospitals is India’s first commercial hospitals.

He made revolutionary changes in the health care situation in India and motivated others too. At present, there are about seven hundred and fifty corporate hospitals throughout India.

Dr. Pratap Reddy worked as Chief Resident doctor of Worcester City hospital, US, but after returning to India, he started practicing in Madras with a salary as low as three thousand rupees per month. 

He got the idea of setting up Apollo Group of Hospitals to provide all medical facilities of a high standard in India, which were affordable for the common man. Through hard work, he was able to set up the 1st center in 1983 in Chennai.

The 1st consultancy body followed the center. Ever since the Apollo Group of Hospitals setting up, it has been proved that the infrastructure in India is not less in any way than anywhere else in the world. 

The most complicated organ transplantations are done easily in Apollo Hospitals, and they specialize in it. There are about twenty-two centers of Apollo Hospitals in India, and the income generated is about one hundred million US dollars.

The Apollo Group of Hospitals is now also being spread to other Asian parts. The 1st International Clinic opened in Dubai in 1999, and other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman, and Africa are on the line.

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