Dr. Verghese Kurien Biography

The other name by which Dr. Verghese Kurien was known was “father of the white revolution”. Dr. Verghese Kurien was the one who can be said to be responsible for the success of diary development program in the world. Now people associate his name with the brand Amul. He was the chairperson of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation ( GCMMF ) .

Dr. Verghese Kurien was born in Kerala in 26 of November 1921. He did his graduation in 1940 in Physics from Madras. After that he did his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and left for USA on a scholarship that was given by the government in order to complete Masters from Michigan State University. Meanwhile he also took a special training in diary engineering in Bangalore.

Dr. Verghese returned to India in 1948 and attached himself to Government Diary Department. He was made the engineer of a milk powder factory in Gujarat in 1949. At that time a co-operative diary KDCMPUL was in deep waters though it had been formed recently as its fight for survival was against a private diary company Polson Diary.

He found the work very challenging thus gave up his government job and decided to help Mr. Patel the chairperson of KDCMPUL to get a processing plant ready. This is how Amul came into being.

In 1965 Lal BAhadur Shastri made NDDM to repeat Amul’s success story again all over the country. In 1973, GCMMF was set to do marketing of all products of the diary. It was only because of the guidance of Dr. Kurein that India could become the biggest milk producer of the world.

Dr. Verghese has been awarded many honors and awards which some are Padma Shri International Person of the Year by the World Dairy Expo Wateler Peace Prize Award of Carnegie Foundation, Padma Bhushan, and Ramon Magsaysy Award for Community Leadership Krishi Ratna Award.

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