12 Best Future Business Ideas for 2022-2030

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It’s firmly believed by many experts that the next 10 years {2020-2030} will be a more prosperous decade than ever for entrepreneurs. Their opinion is that the ever-growing population, dual-income couples, smartphone & internet accessibility in remote areas, and income of people are several factors that will foster a favorable environment for traditional businesses and give birth to new business opportunities across multiple sectors including real estate, eCommerce, furniture, service, etc. Here are the 12 best small business ideas we think are poised for success in the next decade.

Real estate broking

Real estate broking will be a great business in the next decade as demand for residential buildings as well as commercial workspaces is going to grow multifold as a result of the continued increase in the human population and their incomes. If you don’t get puzzled when it comes to meeting and persuading people towards sales, you may think to set preparations for a career in real estate broking to make commissions from property deals.

2. Freelance web developer

With companies realizing the need to have an attractive web interface(website) on consideration of ever-increasing faith of people on online shopping, starting a home-based web development company to support their decision of getting online might just be the line of business if you have the skills to build customer-friendly websites.

3. SEO Freelancer

There is a growing number of bloggers to online entrepreneurs wanting to rank higher in search engines in expectation of achieving more desirable organic results.

While most of them are already loaded with search engine optimization skills, yet there are many who either for financial reasons can’t accommodate hiring a specialist or lack time to learn such necessary skills. Hence, you may offer services as a freelance SEO consultant to help these folks out.

4. Freelance App Developer

Amid concerns over the shunning use of desktop browsers and transitioning to cellphones at warp speed by consumers, online companies are constantly looking for mobile app developers to assist them to adopt mobile application technology in a bid to outpace their competitors.

Therefore, this trend might motivate you to launch a mobile app development company.

5. Freelance Blogger

Online brands are more open than ever for the idea of contracting with freelance bloggers given the recognition of benefits high-quality content offers in creating and nurturing long-term relationships with customers.

With this in mind, taking up freelance blogging is worth pursuing if you have what it takes to articulate engaging content articles.

6. Affiliate marketer 

Affiliate marketing might be an old strategy but the fact is online companies can’t resist its implementation even in the future since it is one of the proven cost-effective methods in pulling potential visitors towards a sale.

Therefore, if you already have a niche blog that draws significant traffic, you may begin promoting the products and services of these companies in exchange for a commission.

7. Online retail store 

With an increasing number of people heading towards web portals to find and buy their favorite products in an attempt to save their precious time and cost, starting an online retail portal might set you on a prosperous path in the years ahead.

8. Personal trainer

Particularly the growing obese market in an effort to lose weight are more interested than ever in working out with personal trainers. Thus becoming a personal trainer to help this market hit their goal could prove rewarding if you are a fitness enthusiast.

9. Private tutor 

Parents amid fear over the appalling job market are more coveted in-home tutors to see their kids gain an edge on others. Given that, if you have a teaching acumen, becoming a private tutor to support the educational needs of their kids is worth for try in the future.

10. Selfie Drones

The advent of drone technology has lent support to tons of possibilities that couldn’t be imagined a few years before. From farmers who want to monitor their crops to travelers who want to capture cool pictures, selfie drones are growing in demand with each passing day.

So, if flying drones give you exhilarating joy, you might give a go to the idea of drone business.

11. HR Consultant  

The demand for the manpower needed to cater to the burgeoning workloads triggered by emerging startups and existing companies looking for expansion is touching unprecedented levels. Hence, starting a human resource consultancy can prove a profitable pick if you have a healthy experience in the HR domain.

12. House cleaning

With increasing working families finding it hard to get involved in cleaning and other home-related activities, starting a business that offers house cleaning services might spark your interest in the future.