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Important– Sorry folks, we are closed for guest posts currently. However, we may consider your request for sponsored content on the conditions it doesn’t go against our website policy. is one of those few leading startup business blogs that accept guest post columns but only from already established entrepreneurs and industry experts who have made a mark in their respective industries.

We would love to take you on-board as a contributor provided you comply with our guidelines given below.

What do we expect?

Something that would fly perfectly with the tone of our website and will make our audience ( aspiring entrepreneurs ) feel like they have learned something new and valuable.

Please note that we will not publish any such piece of content that:

  • Contains ideas & insights stolen from others
  • Plagiarized
  • Written with online spin tools
  • Already published on other websites
  • You plan to publish the same content on other websites in future

Topics Requirements

Your content must be well researched and should be written around the following topics. Content that doesn’t touch these areas will not be accepted as our platform is designed for giving budding entrepreneurs business ideas, how to start and how to market like guides.

  • Article featuring business ideas
  • Article featuring how to start guides
  • Article featuring how to market guides

Your topic must contain a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1200 words. Every paragraph should be short – 3 -4 sentences maximum.

Make sure that you attach a copyright-free featured image – a maximum of 40 kb in size. In addition, you need to send us an author image ( max. of 10 pixels in size ) and a brief author bio ( max. of 30 words ). Share your article via Google drive.

What will you get?

Publishing on means exposure to a large audience ( 110000 monthly visitors ) and an incredible opportunity to get one single do-follow link within the content body if found relevant. Don’t insert a link with a commercial objective.

When will we publish your content?

Your article will be reviewed twice before it is scheduled to go live on the website, takes us usually 2 business days because we receive a lot of submissions. However, we always try to act as fast as possible.

Remember, you lose your ownership of content once approved and published by us. That means you can’t republish the same article ideas on the web or in print form. We shall remove your article as long as you don’t publish the same content ideas on other blogs. Your article will be treated duplicate and will be removed by us if you make sentence changes and then send it for publication to other websites.

We also become rightful to edit and make necessary content changes. However, your links will never be removed under any circumstances. You will get back the ownership right on content if any one of your links is removed intentionally.

You will be notified accordingly once your post is published. You will also be notified about the rejection of your topic.

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