If you love clothing and want to open your clothing franchise, opening a franchise of H&M brand might be a good choice for your aspiration. Here have covered almost everything you should be knowing about opening an H&M franchise in your city.

Hennes and Mauritz AB, popular as H&M, has become one of the highly respected clothing brands in the world. In fact, the company has become a powerful clothing brand worldwide. H&M is in the production of a wide assortment of clothes for almost all demographics.

Men, women, teenagers, and even children are served their choice of clothing. In fact, it is difficult to spot a person worldwide who isn’t well familiar with this iconic fashion retailer.

Hennes and Mauritz were actually commenced by a Swedish born businessman named Erling Person. H&M that you see today wasn’t so since its foundation. In fact, Person had started H&M as a women’s clothing store back in 1947 year.

It was after 20 years of the time when Erling Person had acquired a hunting equipment retail company named Mauritz Widforss. He merged the names of both brands, and since that time the company is known by the name H&M.

H&M enjoys a worldly presence, operating more than 3700 stores in almost sixty countries. The company even runs its stores in some Asian nations including India, and Pakistan. H&M has also been ranked as the second-largest clothing after Inditex, the parent company of Zara.

It might be very difficult for you and many others to believe that the “H&M franchise” is one of the most looked-up fashion-related keywords in Google.

That gets us to the fact that there are lots of people who are showing high interest in owning an H&M franchise unit. However, not just once but several times the company has made it clear that it does not franchise its stores, and neither it will consider franchising as a model for expansion in the years yet to come.

In a nutshell, the company’s statement regarding franchise opportunities that has come several times reaches the sad conclusion that you and others who wish for the same, can’t open an H&M franchise.

Becky Holton

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