H&M Franchise Opportunity

To find out does H&M franchise and how much does it cost to open an H&M franchise unit, you might want to read this article.

We will begin with what is H&M brand all about before we help you get the essence of our guide.

1. What is H&M?

Hennes & Mauritz AB, popularly known as H & M, sometimes as HM, is the best clothing company that produces a wide selection of clothes for all demographics including men, women, teens and even for children. In fact, it’s hard to spot out anyone nowadays who’s not familiar with this iconic fashion retailer.

1. H&M history

Swedish born, Erling Persson, in 1947 had commenced Hennes as a women clothing store. However, right after twenty years or so, he acquired Mauritz Widforss, a retailer that used to sell hunting equipment. He merged the two brands and since then the company is known by H&M.

H&M company has a worldly presence, running more than 3700 stores in around 60 countries that include some Asian nations such as India, Pakistan, etc as well. H&M was also ranked as the 2nd largest clothing brand after Inditex, the parent company of Zara.

Let’s now help you learn about H&M franchise.

2. Does H&M franchise?

You might not believe it, one of the most looked up fashion related keyword used in Google is ” Does H&M provide franchise opportunities?”. That means a lot of people are interested in owning an H&M franchise. However, H&M, not just one time but several times has spoken out clearly that the company isn’t franchising at this time and neither might not give consideration to it in the years that we yet to come.

In nutshell, what it refers to is that you and the other people who would wish for the same, can’t have an H&M franchise. Thanks and we hope you have enjoyed our article.

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