Hollow blocks Manufacturing Business plan

Hollow blocks are rectangular-shaped lightweight concrete blocks people use for various construction applications – homes, pavements, and commercial buildings.

Hollow blocks have emerged as a better alternative to counter variety disadvantages in the traditional clay bricks. Unlike clay-baked bricks, concrete blocks are cheap, easier to handle, lighter in weight, and most importantly are environment friendly.

Market overview

There is an ever-growing demand for hollow blocks as people have become able to enjoy many benefits – long-lasting durability, speedy construction works, and most importantly involves low labour participation.

People buy and use hollow blocks for various applications – bearing walls, interior walls, panel walls, etc. The major potential customers for your hollow blocks are constituted by residential markets and construction companies.

Concrete block features

  • Standard size – 40cm (length) X 20 cm (width)
  • Density -1000 kg/m3 -1500 kg/m3
  • Strength – 2.8-4.0 N/mm 2

Land/Building requirements

Hollow blocks production and laying process demand you availability of at least 5500 sq. ft. equivalent to 1 Kanal of land in India. Somewhere around 300 sq., ft. area is required for your open storage and 2000 sq. ft. for sheds.

Land1 Kanal
Storage Area300 sq. ft
Shed Area2000 sq ft


You also need various kinds of machines for making your hollow blocks – a hollow block machine, cement mixer. Tipping barrows, a generator, and a few ramming block machines. Names and required quantities of all machines are given as:

Block making machine1 UNIT
Cement mixer1 UNIT
Tipping barrows3 UNITS
Generator1 UNIT
Ramming Moulds3 UNITS

Raw Materials Requirements

Raw materials which you will need to use for the production of hollow concrete blocks include – cement, crusher stones, locally called BAJRE, and crusher dust. All required raw materials for blocks are easily available anywhere.

Crusher Stones
Crusher Dust

Investment structure

Your total investment structure is given as:

Building3 Lakhs
Machinery and Equipment8 Lakhs

In conclusion, you will need to arrange a sum of somewhere around 11-12 Lakhs rupees including your operational costs to start your hollow blocks-making business. You may also be required marketing costs to promote your newly launched hollow blocks business in your locality.

Becky Holton

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