How to Become a Personal Trainer

Well, working at home is the dream of many people around the world including Americans and it can be accomplished. You can be successful in a personal training business. If you have a passion for health and love to teach, then you should consider becoming a personal trainer. This type of work fits can easily into your schedule, so you can enjoy your family life while working out of your home. Follow these steps to get started as a personal trainer.


Decide on which type of special fitness training you would like to teach. There are several different types of trainers. A personal trainer provides one-on-one or small group instructions. A group fitness instructor provides any form of exercise for several students in a group setting. A lifestyle and weight management consultant provides weight loss programs designed to provide nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change information to their clients.

You should also consider if you need to be equipped in order to handle the pressures of owning a personal training business. Trainers often need to be an effective motivational speaker and a good listener. It is important to be physically fit yourself, so you can be a good role model.

Required education

Personal trainers do need education. If you have a degree in kinesiology, then it would help in showing your client that you have credibility. But if you do not, you can still get certification training. There are numerous certifying organizations available, which provide classes, workshops, and exams. Make sure you choose a nationally recognized and accredited school.

Continue your education

To stay on top of the cutting edge of physical fitness and to keep your certification, you will need to continue your education. There are online continuing education courses you can enroll in for distance education. With specialty training, you will feel better equipped to empower, motivate, challenge, and retain your clients for long term. Having training in specific areas such as, fitness assessment, nutrition, exercise science, exercise programming and progressions, instructional and spotting techniques, and lifestyle modification will enable you to give your clients the best of care.

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