Do you love to socialize on the Internet? Are you addicted to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks? If so, you now have the opportunity to become a social media manager and make money doing something you truly enjoy, without leaving the comfort of home.

More and more businesses, from large to small, are employing social media managers to promote their products and services. This virtual customer service position is perfect for “Internet junkies” of all ages… from students to older folks to stay at home moms, alike.

The rapid growth of social media translates into a HUGE potential customer base. In fact, a recent study indicates that up to 82% of businesses have dabbled in social media, at one time or another. While some are successful on their own, many others don’t have the time and/or proper knowledge to produce positive results.

No formal training or college degree is needed to become a social media manager. The majority of these individuals are self taught. For example social media wiz, Kate Buck, was an unemployed dance major when she happened on the concept of this kind of marketing. Today, she earns thousands of dollars every month, working just a few hours a day… much of the time from her cell phone.

Duties of a social media manager include setting up profile pages, content creation by way of tweets and status updates, responding to friend requests and even monitoring competitors pages. Many people start out small offering just 1 or 2 services and then expanding as they improve their skills.

An excellent way to get noticed initially is to frequently mention several of your favorite brands and products in your personal updates and tweets. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard, but a recommendation or blurb here and there certainly can’t hurt. This is a simple way to build your social media reputation.

For most people interacting with their favorite social network is just a hobby. They have no idea that it is an in-demand career option, as well.

If you are outgoing and love to meet and converse with new people, there really is no better time to become a social media manager. You’ll be glad you did!

Shahid Amin

Brought to you by Dr. Shahid Amin Trali who is an Assistant Professor at ITM University Gwalior, Editor-in-Chief for and a regular columnist of various leading newspapers in India. He can be reached at-