How to Market your Food Truck Business

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You need to have a clear idea of how to market your food truck business before you actually get it on road. Proper marketing will make a huge difference and save you a lot of trouble later.

Great Opening Ceremony

First Impression is the Best Impression. Try to make sure you have a grand opening. Publicize, however, you can. Also, make sure you give it a great name – if you want your customers to tell their friends how ‘cool’ your truck is.

Also, make sure to give discounts in the first week or so. Getting them to your truck first is important. Everything else will follow.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media Networks to connect with your customers and to bring in more of them. You can use Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp to give location updates, menu changes or any new offers. These networks will make it easy to market your food truck business in India – a country with so many people now going online.

And understand that Food trucks are the new, trendy things in India. So, your customers want to know your story – how you came about this idea, why did you name it so, etc. Tell them on social media or in some interview. Let them know you are normal people like them, too. It’ll go a great way of bringing you to repeat and new customers.

Name your customers

Give Your Customers a stylish name -for instance, if your food truck’s name is The Awesome Truck, you can address your customers as ‘The Awesomers’. They are visiting your super truck regularly – let them Feel it! They’ll feel personally connected to you and is a very good long-term strategy.

Engage with Your Customers

Engage with them. Let them take selfies with you or your truck. Encourage them to be an active part of your workday. Show them that their support truly matters.

Regular Offers & Discounts

If anything can get people to notice you, it’s a great offer or a discount. So, use it. Offer discounts often. If your users keep coming back again & again, they are bound to bring more people with them, too. Offers are worth it!

Get creative, too. Try various types of offers – keep your customers interested! Discounts, Buy 2 Get 1 Free on lean days or lean times of the day are good examples. Test what is best for your Truck or your specific area of business. Then, perfect it.

All Work & No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

If you encounter something weird or unique along the way, post or tweet a selfie of your truck with it. Write a great caption for it. Your customers will feel more connected to you & your truck.

If an especially lively group visits your truck, find a way to make their happiness spread to other customers. In short, have fun running your Food Truck!

Leverage national events – Sports or Others

Make use of the buzz around big cricket games. Or football games like England’s EPL or the Spanish La Liga or India’s ISL. Not just sports – any other National event that people feel close to.

Offer huge discounts or if possible, for free, for supporters of the winning team at least on a particularly important day or the next day. Sports & patriotism bring an adrenaline rush in people & hence your business is more likely to flourish at such times if you use them well.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

Collaborate with other nearby business. You can earn money or maybe they can advertise your truck too. Explore any kind of beneficial partnerships.

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