How to Start a Battery Reconditioning Business

The battery reconditioning business is a fast-growing and potentially lucrative business that is easy to start and can be done from home. It is also an environmentally friendly venture. As more and more consumers are looking for ways to “go green”, it only makes sense to offer them a service in which they can save money while doing their part for the environment.

Very low startup costsNot an exciting work
Low overheadsCan be dangerous if not careful
High-profit potentialBuilding up your customer base and a steady income may take  some time

Who are your customers?

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of trying to start our car, only to discover a dead battery. Instead of buying a new battery when the old one dies, your battery reconditioning business can send customers on their way for half the cost of a new battery, and with a warranty on a reconditioned battery.

There will be no shortage of dead batteries in the near future, and if your customers are satisfied, repeat business is almost guaranteed.
Getting Started

A battery reconditioning business requires low start-up costs and you can work from your own garage. By investing a few hundred dollars for tools, equipment, test and safety gear, you can start a battery reconditioning business.

If you don’t possess a basic understanding of the different types of batteries, how they work, and what is involved in reconditioning them, you will need to educate yourself.

Batteries cannot be reconditioned with a simple battery charger. Before you can operate a successful battery reconditioning business, you must know what batteries can be reconditioned, and how to obtain them. Car batteries contain dangerous acids, and require special care while reconditioning. You’ll need to know how to measure a battery’s charge capacity, how to rejuvenate a dead battery, and other concepts related to the science.

This information is readily available for anyone wanting to start a battery reconditioning business. You may want to work with a reputable battery reconditioning service until you become familiar and confident in these skills. The battery reconditioning business has growth potential as niche market for a number of reasons:

•    People want to save money whenever possible
•    Environmentally conscience consumers
•    More and more battery operated tools and appliance
•    A growing trend in home solar power system
•    The emergence of pure electric cars

You will also need to invest time and money in marketing your business, as well as keeping abreast of new techniques and laws.

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