Today is an excellent time to start a cellphone business. The cellphone industry is expanding as more Americans and people in other countries opt for wireless communication. Smartphones now enable users to browse the internet, play games, share photos, send emails, connect to social networking sites, use GPS to locate locations, listen to music, and much more.

Cell phone industry growth is expected to accelerate as phones become more affordable and efficient, allowing people to multitask and thus conduct more of their professional and personal business on their cell phones.

The two-thirds of Americans who already own cell phones will soon require:

•   Replacement phone when their device breaks
•   An upgrade to a new improved model
•   Cell phone accessories
• Assistance in purchasing new cell phones or cell phone plans or changing their present plans

Pros and cons

The market for cell phones is expanding, as was already mentioned. The best part is that you can do business online because more people than ever before now shop online.

An unfortunate fact is that operating a cellphone business has certain drawbacks as well. Along with the fierce competition, there may be hefty startup expenses for retailers as well as costly rent.

Find your customers

You can determine where a new cell phone business in your area is most required by conducting market research. You can estimate how much money you can expect to make from your cell phone business by writing your business plan.

If you can’t afford to maintain a retail location or don’t want to, the internet also offers a great way to start a cell phone business. Many people start their cell phone businesses online and then grow them after they have a clientele in a certain region.

Getting started

Becoming an authorized dealer with an established cell phone company is one of your starting options for your cell phone business. If you decide to go this path, the cell phone provider will assist you in making connections with distributors of your goods.

The only option is not to sell phones and plans. Although the big mobile phone companies are investing in infrastructure, technology, and research to expand their businesses, there are still specialized niches where you can grow your cell phone business, including:

•  Mobile Marketing
•  Mobile Phone Apps
•  Mobile Web Design
• Location-Based Services
• Accessories

It is simple to understand how lucrative just one of these niche industries may become given the growing craze for stylish phone accessories and the decreasing average age of cell phone users. You will need money for inventory such as phones, headsets, chargers, skins, earpieces, etc. if you are launching a physical storefront or kiosk. Not the case with an online cell phone company.

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