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Previously, when not everyone could afford to buy a computer for their child, computer clubs brought a very good and steady income for their owners. However, the popularity of computer clubs has rapidly come down over the years. It doesn’t receive as many customers as it used to be, say five to ten years ago as most of the children and teenagers nowadays have computers at their homes.

Despite the low popularity, many people prefer to spend their time and money in computer clubs especially due to various online RPG and team games. With this in mind, you may want to open a computer club business and bring your home a satisfactory, if not the delightful, income. Read on to learn the requirements for starting your own computer club.

Getting started

There are many steps involved in starting a computer club but your first and the most important step must begin with deciding on how many computer clubs your proposed club will accommodate. Generally, a desirable number is around 10 -15 computers in the initial stage. Find a rented room for your computer club.

Next, purchase the necessary equipment, computers, tables, etc. If you don’t have the required investment, then it is worthwhile that you find a wholesale supplier and take everything you need on a credit.

After you have placed and connected all of your computers, you would be required to find an administrator and a security guard to give protection to your club. Also, spending a small amount of money on advertising your business won’t hurt your budget. If you follow these steps with passion and interest, you can start and run a successful computer club and start receiving your visitors.

Startup costs

Generally, a low to moderate investment is required by a computer club business. Just have a look at the areas along with the estimated costs:

  • Rent ($150-$300)
  • Staff salary (350-450 dollars)
  • Purchasing computers, equipment and everything you need (400-600 dollars for one computer with a table and other equipment)
  • Internet connection (100-150 dollars)
  • Advertising (100-200 dollars)

Revenue potential

To get back your investment, it may take you from six to nine months of time after you begin operating your business. Your business could generate around $1500-$3000 revenue per month, out of which, $800-$1200 cold be your net profit.

Shahid Amin

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