People love pampering their cute pets. They want to ensure that their pet animals have everything they need to stay healthy by taking them to vets, have terrific toys to play with and have fun while eating food. With today’s over the counter doggie treats, pets are receiving fattening food, which causes health problems later. People are learning to bake their own, organic and nutritious snacks. However, baking does require time people are not willing to spend. You can build a dog treats business by making doggie treats with fresh ingredients. Read on to get you started.

Stay informed

One of the nice things about baking pet food is that you don’t receive the same strenuous inspections from the health department, which comes from working in the food industry. But this doesn’t mean you should be too relaxed in preparation. You will need to keep a clean kitchen and fresh food to develop and maintain a good reputation in the market. Certain foods are not healthy for dogs. You need to be aware of what foods could be poisonous for canines. For example, such foods as, apple seeds, apricot pits, avocados, coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, rhubarb leaves, salt, and yeast dough are some of the foods you should avoid. Some of the popular pet treats which are trendy are bread pudding, dog cookie, peanut butter treats, and pet party mix. You can be creative in the shapes you make. You can be more health-conscious of the ingredients you use. Instead of using white flour for a binding agent, you can choose whole wheat flour, barley flour, or spelt flour.

Selling Treats

There are plenty of options exist for selling the dog treats. You can sell to independent and chain pet stores, online consumers, fairs, and neighbours. Or even old fashioned advertising will help spread the word about your dog treats.

Keep in mind

Baking pet treats are great dogs that treat business to begin and earn extra money while helping pets become healthier. Your pet treats will be different from store-bought treats because your treats will be made from fresh ingredients without chemicals. Dogs and their owners will be impressed with your home-baked treats.

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