How to Start a Dog Walking Business

By | February 20, 2021

Starting a dog walking business will allow you to keep up with your routine exercise and at the same time walk the dogs of others for money. There happen to be many pet owners all over the place who need your dog walking service as they are unable to take their dogs for a walk due to their conflicting work schedules.

Pet owners will need you for walking with their dogs when they get stuck at work, leave for vacations, and go out of their homes for personal or professional work. Giving dogs water to drink and feed to eat on time can also be part of your business.

However, they will hire you on the condition you are able to make them feel that their pets will receive as much care and attention as they themselves give to their pets. Here are perhaps all steps we think are sufficient to get you started with your own dog walking business.

Study dog breeds

The first most important task of your work is to know about dog breeds as not all dogs share the same nature, behavior, and needs.

It is useful to study the dog breeds of your potential pet owners you will be working with so that you are helped to strengthen your caretaker skills.

The best yet cost-free way available all around is to read books written on dog care and watch videos on YouTube to learn as much as possible on dog caring tactics.

Seek dog information

Communication with your clients is also important as you need the information about their dogs you will be taking for walks. You have to talk with your potential dog owners to learn what do they do to discipline their dogs, behaviors they encourage and discourage, and reward their pet dogs.

It is also important that you know from their owners about areas and walkways where they like their dogs to be walked. You should study your city map and mark areas where you are supposed to walk their dogs.

Equipment & license

There is no need for having specific equipment to work as a professional dog walker. However, you need to be equipped with a pooper scooper bag as well to ensure the cleaning of mess dogs occasionally poop in walkways and parks.

While at most places entrepreneurs don’t need a specific license, you may be required to have a general business license to operate your dog walking business.

Get contact information

Since as a business owner you will taking responsibility for their pets, it is important that you collect contact information from your clients you may require during emergency times.

Ask your customers to share their personal phone numbers and contact number of their veterinarian as it proves very useful in case their dogs need emergency treatment. You should also seek information from dog owners on medications so that you give their pets medicine on time.