If smiles are like keynotes, then laughter is like a riotous, orchestra of chords. A face painter provides entertainment for circuses, fairs, birthday parties, and amusement parks.

An enthusiastic personality and a love of children are the most excellent skills needed for this work line. You can earn money by spreading the sunshine while opening a face painting business.

Get skilled 

Don’t think of anything other than learning how to face paint. Most, if not all, children love having their face painted like the newest cartoon character or perhaps an animal. Enrol in face painting workshops or study under a mentor for some time.

Take an art class from your local community college or activity centre. Learn techniques for brush control, shading, blending, and detail work. You can learn how to freehand paint with a brush or use stencils to add shape and design. Pay particular interest in classes which teach acrylics and oil painting.

This knowledge will be helpful to your craft. There are some temporary tattoos, which may be beneficial. Remember to add the effects afterward, like glitter, rhinestones, fake blood, and warts.

Equipment you need 

You need to purchase clown makeup. This type of makeup is commercial makeup and not the kind found in retail stores. Consider dressing up as a clown to paint children’s faces or paint your face and wear a costume. Purchase or make your costume.

Sometimes you can find items at second-hand stores for costumes. Knowing ahead of time exactly how you want to look will help you in budgeting your expenses. Your preconceived idea of your character, in the beginning, will save you money when buying costumes.

Build your portfolio

All face painters have a portfolio of their work. Take pictures of the artwork you have drawn on the faces of children. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Purchase a three-ring binder and store the photos you have taken. You may also need images of artwork children can choose from. Keep a sketchbook handy of potential designs to paint.

Jacob Dillon

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