How to Start a Graphic Design Business

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A graphic designer is a person who plans, analyzes, and creates visual solutions to communication problems. They try to find the best way to communicate with consumers through the use of print and electronic media. This includes the use of illustration, photography, animation, and certain layout techniques. The work of most graphic designers can be seen in magazines, newspapers, websites, promotional displays, packaging, and brochures.


To begin a graphic design business it is important to assess your skills and level of formal education. Designers need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design to earn trust from the prospective client. The competition in this area of work is stiff. Designers need to have experience to gain a strong customer base. Experience in website design and computer animation will help increase business opportunities.

The ability to draw will also help in this career choice. Designers need to prepare sample sketches or layouts by hand to illustrate their vision for the potential design. They also may need to have

the ability to create graphs and charts. Most of all graphic designers need to have strong computer skills with the ability to learn software packages easily.


Potential graphic designers will need to purchase and master industry standard graphic software programs. If you don’t know which one to purchase, try downloading trial versions of the software until you find one you like. Designers also need a powerful computer with enough capabilities to handle graphic design software. Other equipment needed for a graphic design business is a large format printer, office files, extra lighting, a desk, and a chair.


According to the Department of Labor, the graphic design business is expected to grow with many new jobs created from the growth. The work environment of the freelance graphic designer varies from the traditional designer in that the office hours are longer and they have to adjust their schedules to fit a client’s needs. Becoming a home based graphic designer will give you a lucrative income as well as freedom from the office.