How to Start a Home Staging Business

If you love interior decorating and are looking for a way to make some extra money, consider starting a home staging business. Initial startup costs are low and the potential for business is great, especially when the housing market is on the upswing. Home staging business is a perfect career option for those who possess a creative touch, outgoing personality and the ability to handle occasional objections.

Home staging is different from interior decorating. While interior decorators design a space for a living, home stagers design a space for selling. Tasks include, but are not limited to, general de-cluttering, performing inexpensive fixes, rearranging furniture, adding accessories and improving curb and front door appeal. You can go one step further by offering to perform tasks such as painting and minor remodeling, which will attract a broader base of clientele.

It is a home business that requires no inventory or licensing. It is something that can be done on a part-time basis, adhering to a schedule that best meets your needs. In fact, many successful home stagers only work on weekends or two or three evenings per week, as this is the most convenient time for many home buyers and sellers to meet with them.

Technically, this is a business that is conducted from the kitchen table, if necessary. Since you will be meeting clients in the residence they are interested in buying or selling, a home office isn’t a requirement.

Being familiar with the real estate market is a plus. However, it is not absolutely necessary. Simply introducing yourself and offering your services to local real estate agents will get the ball rolling.  It is also a good idea to establish a relationship with local home improvement companies and furniture stores. They are usually willing to refer you to their customers, as well.

A design portfolio is an absolute must when it comes to building a client base. Start out by offering to redo the homes of friends and relatives, for just the cost of materials. They will appreciate the new look and you will have something to show potential clients. Since the demand for the service is on the rise there really is no better time to start a home staging business.

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