If you enjoy designing and making your own jewelry, and you love to see the surprised expressions on faces when you tell them you made it yourself, then you may want to consider starting your own home jewelry business.

Starting your own jewelry business can be as fun and glamorous as it sounds. The opportunity to sell your personally designed jewelry is better now than ever, by hosting open houses, scheduling home parties, or opening your very own online jewelry store.


  • You can sell the jewelry you love to make
  • Low startup costs and overhead
  • Meeting new people
  • Potential for growth


  • Takes time to make the jewelry
  • You must pack, unpack, and properly display your jewelry
  • Continually recruit hostesses, set appointments, and travel
  • Must be able to multitask when taking money, orders, and answering questions


What woman doesn’t love a beautiful new necklace, a unique pair of earrings, or a finely crafted bracelet? And what man doesn’t enjoy giving his leading lady a lovely piece of jewelry as a way to express his love and admiration? According to a recent report, jewelry is among the top five sellers in on line retail sales.

Getting Started

If designing and making jewelry is already your hobby, then you probably have most of what you need to get started.

Call your county clerks office to see whether or not your local and state authorities demand permits in order to sell your jewelry at home parties and shows. Inquire about fees. Get your tax questions answered up front so there are no surprises later.

Research your market. Learn how to price your jewelry in your area by shopping around at other crafters and designers. Know you competition; you may just find there is very little in your area. And even if there are other local designers, your jewelry is unique.

In addition to your jewelry, you will need patience, a big smile, and good people skills. Your jewelry is an art form, and it is an expression are you. Good manners and professionalism will be appreciated and remembered, as well as your product.

When doing home parties, be sure to secure new leads and network, network, network. Offer hostess incentives like deep discounts, commission on sales, or free jewelry in order to grow your business. You may also decided to expand into craft fairs, art shows, consignment sales, on line retail, retail, or wholesale markets.

Jacob Dillon

Brought to you by Jacob Dillon who is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. He loves to talk about technological advancements and the evolution of society.