How to Start a Junk Removal Business

There are many construction companies that need a junk removal service provider to come behind, and remove trash from job sites. Realtors own homes which are used as a rental property. When renters abandon the rent house, they usually leave behind furniture, electronics, and various other odds and ends as well as trash.

Homeowners need someone to haul off unwanted items when they clean out the garage or storage building. With so many different people needing two strong arms and a truck, you could be that person and build a junk removal business.

Equipment you need

To serve your community with a junk removal business, you should take inventory of the equipment you own and what is needed. Most usually a regular pick-up truck is used.

With larger jobs, a flat-bed truck would be useful. Check with a local recycling company or a community receptacle business for prices on large trash containers. These are large metal containers, similar to shipping containers. The business delivers it to the work site and you use it to haul trash into it. If the job isn’t quite large enough for that type of box, you can use a trailer and haul the trash to the local landfill. Other equipment which will be useful is shovels, rakes, and safety glasses.

What to do with Junk?

Separate the items as you come across it in your junk removal business. Carry trash to your trailer. This trash will be delivered to the landfill. Other items should be separated. One section should be useable furniture which can be sold. Furniture can be sold to a resale business. If the furniture is not quite in good enough shape for sale, the furniture can then be donated to a thrift store or a charitable organization. Another section is the odds and ends which are left over. These can be dishes, DVD’s, wall decorations, or clothing. These items can be used for garage sales.

Bear in mind

Need a job where you can work your own hours? Make money by beginning a junk removal business. This involves cleaning up junk and selling what might still hold value. With creative scavenging, a person could earn pocket cash for their search.

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