A mobile catering business differs from the traditional catering business by the food sold and the manner in which it is sold. The mobile catering truck usually offers for sale food such as barbecue, hamburgers, and French fries. The owner of the truck has a great opportunity in the fact that the owner can own a restaurant and cook for others without the financial burden of owning a traditional restaurant.

Mobile Catering Types

There are various types of mobile catering trucks available. Carts which the owner can push to street corners are good for hot dog stands. Concession trailers have grills, refrigerators, and deep frying equipment to offer different kinds of fun food. This type of mobile catering is very successful at fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets.

A lunch truck travels to various locations to serve lunch to area workers. The food offering is usually sandwiches and hamburgers. A relatively new concept is selling food from large coolers. Each cooler is assigned a route, usually to a business. The coolers are stocked with fresh pre-made salads and sandwiches.


To own a mobile truck business, the owner must obtain proper registration and licenses. The vehicle and service must be registered with the proper agency before the business can open. A license must

be obtained before operating the catering truck. Depending on the area the truck operates in there may be more than one license to obtain. Research your local government’s requirements as to where the catering truck can park and operate.
Once the registration has been approved, then an inspector will be assigned to inspect the catering truck. The inspection will consist of evaluating the cleanliness of the truck as well as the food preparation and storage areas. Then the owner will also need to obtain a food handler’s license.


Pay careful attention to the location of the catering truck. Knowing where to park the truck will help in creating a menu and prices. The location must have high foot traffic. Before deciding on an area to offer food, make certain to check out the existing competition and their prices.

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