By starting a party rental business, you will begin offering items for rentals that are beneficial to the party hosts. Party rentals include chairs, tables, linens, inflatables, and popcorn machines. This business type is relatively easy to begin once you have made the initial investments for party items.

Types of Services

There are various types of rental businesses. For example, there are inflatable bounce houses, tents, children’s party items like cotton candy machines or popcorn machines, and traditional party items like chairs and tables. You can decide if you want to specialize in one service or offer a mixture of rental items.

To better serve your customers, it is best to offer delivery. When preparing for the delivery of party rental items, you should schedule plenty of time to travel to the party, set up the party items, and take down the things. You can monitor how the party rental items are being used and ensure the items will not get broken or lost.

Rental Equipment

Before beginning your party rental business, you should invest in the equipment needed for rent. The most rental company stays in business because they own the staples. These items are tables and chairs. This

It is good since they don’t cost a lot to purchase. In beginning your business, consider purchasing ten large rectangular tables and 60 fold up chairs. As your profits increase, consider buying other necessary items, such as chair covers, linens, china, flatware, glasses, tents, and ficus trees.

Since the first year’s profits will need to be placed back into the business, you might consider spending some of that money on high-dollar items. Many parties will need a microphone and speakers. Some parties may need audio-visual equipment. Having these items on hand may increase your business.


Beginning a party rental business is easy to do. The advantage of operating this business is it has the potential to grow in popularity and profitability. The disadvantage of the opening is that as an owner-operator, your services may depend on the weather.

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