How to Start a Photography Business

Photographers have an eye for painting a picture or capturing a special moment in time with the skill of a storyteller. For photographers to operate a successful business, they need to have technical skill with photography equipment, own the necessary equipment, and possess creativity.

Today, most photographers use a digital camera. This is a benefit because the images can be saved on memory cards and then can be edited on the computer. With the right equipment and software, you can begin your own photography business.


When beginning a photography business it is important to decide your specialization. Some photographers specialize in portraits, weddings, religious ceremonies, or school pictures. Depending upon the type of specialization, you may need to purchase props or even obtain a studio.


Even though capturing the images is what photographers love best, unfortunately, their time is spent doing other things. Their most common tasks are editing photos on the computer. The rest of their time is spent looking for new business and marketing their name.

Photographers capture images for clients but they do other work as well. They must arrange advertising, schedule appointments, set and adjust equipment, purchase supplies, keep records, bill customers, and pay bills.

Required Education

A good aspect of becoming a photographer is that it does not require a degree. However, there is a certain amount of technical training in learning the equipment. There are technical schools which offer basic courses in photography, such as equipment, processes, and techniques. To help a beginning business get off the ground it might be beneficial to take courses in business and marketing.

If you are serious about making a career in photography, you should seek out training as an apprentice. Becoming an apprentice gives you on the job training as well as a good recommendation.


Owning and operating a photography business is an opportunity to allow your creative juices to flow. Freelance photography also means that the job isn’t all creative fun but also a serious business requiring a prepared business plan, contracts, financial records, and the ability to market.

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