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Raising chickens for profit is a fantastic business opportunity because there is a steady increase in demand for poultry meat almost everywhere. Both the business and consumer markets drive poultry demand. Consumers want poultry meat to eat, while businesses like restaurants need poultry to serve their customers. In a nutshell, demand for poultry is high and will only increase as populations grow.

Farm registeration

Any business you start even if it is a rural business must begin with the preparation of the necessary documentation. These kinds of businesses are usually registered as farms, but they can also be registered as LLCs. If the farm will be engaged in breeding activities, it is preferable to locate it outside of the city. However, it is preferable to locate meat production closer to the city, as this will reduce transportation costs even further.

To start a farm, you must first acquire a plot of land. Its dimensions are determined by the technology you intend to use. When raising geese, for example, this could be the use of compound feed or grazing. A pond on the property is required if ducks are to be raised. Before beginning his business, the farmer must obtain a certificate confirming the quality of his products as well as a certificate from the veterinary department.

Initial investment

To begin producing poultry meat, an initial investment of 2-4 lakhs is required. However, these funds may not be sufficient for the construction of poultry facilities, the purchase of high-quality young animals, incubators, and heating equipment for chicks. You can buy young chicks both in your own region and in neighboring regions, as there are breeding stock households in almost every region today.

The size and age of your chickens will determine how much space you require. For example, for up to 18 days, your required area will be around 0.5 square feet while for 19 days to 42 days old chickens, you will be required around 1.1 square feet of space.

Large farm equipment

Feeders and drinkers must be purchased to ensure the availability of clean water and the optimal feeding of the bird. Farmers typically purchase nests and incubators for breeding purposes. Buying used equipment is the best option.

  • Heat exchanger;
  • Spiral feed augers;
  • Automatic scales;
  • Feed spiral augers;
  • Packaging machine with the function of cleaning eggs from manure;
  • Egg printer;
  • Device for filling egg containers;
  • Fans.
  • Tapes for manure intake;
  • Containers for water supply;
  • Supply of medicines;
  • Doors, pallets and other auxiliary elements.

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