If you have a passion for vehicles as well as skills to repair tire-related problems, you may consider opening your own tire repair business.

Tires constitute an important part of every vehicle. There has to come a time when a vehicle owner needs to repair or replace a tire or tires, especially when he realizes certain problems such as puncture, cracking and bulging, tread wear damage, etc. Since not all vehicle owners know how to fix these issues, they have to go to a tire repair shop to fix them.


Although there is no need for formal education, you must have a good technical hand. Working as an apprentice under a local tire mechanic will help you learn all necessary skills. You might have to work for free during your learning period but that sacrifice is worth it. From tire changes to even tire replacement. learn solutions to all the commonly occurring tire problems.


A good location will bring you good business and a bad location will not help you in getting many customers. A tire repair shop can’t fit any location other than a roadside. Vehicle owners will easily notice your business provided you locate it on a roadside as they will be passing by your shop.


Tools give you the ability to transform your skills into work. You should be having all the necessary tools to handle all types of tire problems. Equip yourself with a dunk tank, inspection, extruding and rubber removal tools and tread depth gauge, plug gun, carbide cutter, tire changing tools or machine and air compressor is also required by you.


You will also need to keep tire repair supplies available in your shop including tire valve stems, chemicals, stem caps, tire patches, beads, and other important components. If you require any other supplies, keep them as well.

Customer service

Delivering a good customer service will lead you to a long term success. If you treat your customers with all the respect they deserve and deliver them good services on time, they will help you grow big since they will recommend you to others, and hence earn more.

Rais Dar

RAIS DAR is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and a Small Business Consultant who loves to write about Entrepreneurship, and Career Guidance.