How to Start an Elder Care Business

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Adults who have trouble caring for themselves can benefit from an adult daycare. Many seniors have physical or cognitive disabilities which prevent them from staying home and taking care of themselves. Adult daycare also helps seniors with companionship, keeping them from struggling with loneliness. This type of assistance also helps the caregiver of the adult.

Caregivers spend an enormous amount of energy taking care of their family member, doing their best to keep the member from being admitted to a nursing home. By opening a senior care business, you assist the caregiver by giving them an affordable respite from the work they do.

Narrow the Specialty

Do you want to care for only seniors or disable persons as well? Determine the age of the adults and decide if you will accept adult disable persons before you open your business.

Deciding on an age group will aid in having the appropriate entertainment for the adults, such as chess sets versus video games.


Plan entertainment for your guests. It is important to provide activities such as, games, art music, or movie hours to keep them engaged as well as ease their family member’s minds. You may even want to plan educational field trips such as a trip to the observatory, museums, or farmer’s markets.


Decide on how many adults you can manage. If you allow more than your limit then you may want to consider hiring employees which are certified healthcare workers to work for your business. When considering hiring employees, it is important to determine if you can afford employees. Most employers have to provide certain benefits for their full-time employees as well as unemployment.

Rules and Regulations

Establish rules for how your senior care business will be operated. Decide on sickness rules and post the rules in a visible area. Set rates for each individual person. Make certain before you open your business you have secured your daycare operator’s license from the state where you reside.