How to Start an iPhone Application Business

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It seems that there is an iPhone application for everything these days. By downloading a simple application onto their phone, users can identify music that is playing, keep track of the number of steps they take in a day or research specific business data right away.

Do you have a desire to create an APP or the game of your dreams? If you have web design experience or are willing to learn a few new skills, perhaps you should consider starting your own iPhone app business. An app is simply a user-friendly interface for a smaller screen. You’ve probably heard about other great ideas for Apps that everyone else seems to be buzzing about. You can learn how to develop and market them yourself, or sell your creations in App stores.

Your customers

iPhones have created unparalleled enthusiasm and innovation from users both inside the software development community and on the street. According to one source, by the end of its 2010 fiscal year, Apple sold a total of 73.5 million iPhones. And the numbers continue to grow as more and more people discover the convenience and availability of these trendy Apps.

Getting started

Do you own, or can you operate an iPhone? If you are familiar with basic computer software and are willing to learn how to develop and sell your ideas, then you can start putting those plans for your iPhone App business into motion.

Obviously, you will need an idea for an App. But what may surprise you is that you don’t necessarily have to possess a lot of sophisticated technical programming skills to get started. While it helps to be familiar with web design, you can learn the necessary skills.

Most small business that don’t succeed have failed to plan. Do your homework. You should decide if you will form an LLC, or remain as sole proprietor of your app business. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Talk to an accountant or tax lawyer.

You will need to secure a developer account with Apple. Its not a difficult process to open an account and start the development. You’ll also want to research options for marketing ideas and decide which are best for you.

Once your developer account is approved, you will need to implement your plan for sales and marketing. While development is obviously a major player in your new venture, so is your ability to sell your App or game.

Pros and cons

You shall see your ideas turn into marketable products. Potential to become a lucrative business
Low overhead and high-profit margin.

You may need to learn new technical skills. Trial and error process takes time and poor planning can result in delays.