How to Start an Office Cleaning Business

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One of the easiest businesses you can start in the cleaning industry is an office cleaning business because there is a very low startup investment involved.

The main portion of your startup costs goes directly to any insurance or licensing. If you have a dollar type store nearby, you can purchase most cleaning supplies for just about ten – twenty dollars. Here is a step by step guide to help you open your own office cleaning business in your locality.

Skills needed

Granted not everyone can become a successful cleaner. You will have to decide if you really have what it takes to clean. You need to be physically able to bend, stoop, and move to clean. If you have any physical disabilities such as chronic knee pain or any other leg related issue, this would hinder your ability to perform well your cleaning job.

You also need good organizational skills and good business skills, such as bookkeeping. It will help you in the long run if you work efficiently and take pride in your work.

Equipment needed

Next, you will be needed to acquire the best cleaning equipment. Cleaning businesses usually need to have the basic cleaning supplies, such as a vacuum cleaner, window cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, bleach, rags, a mop, and a broom. You will need to wear comfortable clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty and well-supportive shoes.

You will also need reliable transportation with a vehicle which has enough space to carry your cleaning supplies and equipment.

Keep in mind

Owning and operating an office cleaning business is a great business due to the fact that returns on your investment are rewarding and requires a very little startup investment. Even if you dream of operating your business from your home, it is pretty possible.

Remember, the thing that matters when it comes to growing your cleaning business is that you should provide an excellent service and charge your customers as fairly as possible.