How to Start Curtain Sewing Business

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All of us know the purpose of using curtains is to block the light or not let the dust enter our rooms. Curtain sewer is a kind of professional who uses his skills to make curtains that match the size of a window or door in a room. Know here what you require to get started with your own sewing making business.


A curtain making business demands some basic skills on how to take measurements of windows or doors, learning best-suited fabric, cutting the fabric according to the length and breadth of the windows or doors and finally sewing the pieces together to form a curtain. Spending a few weeks or months with a local tailor can give you good exposure to the process of sewing curtains.

You have to make the arrangement of the necessary equipment to sew curtains. Basic equipment includes a sewing machine, rotary cutter, needles, measuring tape, thread, etc. A place for work has also to be looked for by you.

Keep in mind

Some customers may require only repairs, you must do that as well. The startup, as well as the production costs, are almost negligible. Mass production of curtains, however, can get you a good income and will keep your business afloat. But that’s not a one man’s job. You will need additional sewers as well as a sales assistant. You may also require creating and distributing bright and colorful catalogs for advertisement.