Indians are fortunate to see the launch of thousands of startups each year by both male and female entrepreneurs but are unfortunate to see most of them fail for some reason. That sad fact of their failure within their initial years of operations is most often attributed to their ignorance and arrogance shown by them towards expertise consultation. While expertise doesn’t come without costs, there are online publications where they can obtain guidance for free. That is why we recommend people who run a business to stay tuned with these 5 best Indian startup blogs.

Your Story

We don’t feel that there is any need to introduce Your Story to you and others as it is a blog where you could discover solutions to almost all business matters. Your Story is backed by a research team to provide all the expertise required to kick start and grow your successful startup business. The core specialty of Your Story from day one has been stories of successful entrepreneurs.

Startup Daily Tips

Startup Daily Tips is loaded with almost all solutions for all startup issues. We bring forth success stories, small business ideas, expert advice, and news to inspire success in your business journey. All our writers have experience in different industries to ensure the delivery of resources to all entrepreneurs. Startup Daily Tips also provides free tutorials on business basics to people who want to learn entrepreneurship.

Startup Talky

Startup Talky is a place to discover inspirational success stories of entrepreneurs, small business resources, and news about the Indian startup ecosystem. Its contributors come from different industries to share their expertise.

Startup YO

Startup Yo is a Hyderabad based blog where all the small business resources and success stories are available for free. The blog has attained more popularity on YouTube where you could watch videos presented through animations and infographics.

Startup Stories

Startup Stories offers you success stories to inspire you to become an entrepreneur. The blog organizes interviews of different entrepreneurs to learn about their successful journeys with their startups.

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